On February 22, 2016, I, like many in the WWE universe, was completely floored when “Here Comes the Money” blared over the high tech high powered WWE arena sound system. I’m sure most of us expected some kind of interruption. Hyped events like this never go as expected in WWE. Just a fact as true as the sun rising in the East.

What I didn’t expect was the following five weeks of failure and missteps when it came to booking the Shane return angle. The angle had so much promise for drama, twist and turns, and flat out shocking moments. What was in the lockbox? What did Vince screw up? Did he commit corporate crime? Did he commit marital crime? What did he do that ONLY Shane could have bailed him out of?

Well, five ¬†weeks later and we do not have any answers to any of those questions. Not only are those unanswered but in fact they have muddied the storyline to laughability. Shane v the Undertaker, I was in. Hell In a Cell, I was in. Vince renouncing his son, ok I guess. Vince calling Undertaker his B*tch, um why? Vinced laying down the edict that if Undertaker doesn’t win it will be his last Wrestlemania, alright STFU Vince you made it a farce.

Every step they have taken in this story build has been a step AWAY from building anticipation and excitement. Does the WWE Universe want to see change? Desperately. Which is why adding stipulations like this being Taker’s last WM if he loses unnecessary and harmful to the hype. Why? It doesn’t make any sort of sense at all.

If Shane wins, and Vince said The Authority would quit and he would be gone, then what would prevent Taker from wrestling again at Wrestlemania?

Dave Meltzer reported that the storyline was drastically changed and rewritten hours before Shane’s second appearance at the Raw in Chicago on March 7th. Based upon what Meltzer reported was the original script, it seems like creative didn’t want the Authority to have the humiliation of getting fired. So instead of Shane saying he was going to fire the Authority, instead Vince said that they would probably quit.

Which leads us to the Authority. With such high stakes, why isn’t the authority even paying attention to the Shane storyline? When Reigns was gone for two weeks with his ill-timed nasal surgery, why not have HHH attack Shane instead of Shane attacking some unconvincing indy wrestlers turned pretend security forces?

It has caused me to ponder that the WWE, instead of giving us an out of the box let’s turn everything on it’s head resolution, may in fact be thinking of something more along the line of a tweak on the business as usual. That would be a major disappointment.

And a middle finger to the fans that want change.