The post Wrestlemania 32 Raw really exposed the poor booking decisions the WWE chose to go with at Wrestlemania.  There has been a lot of criticism directed at the outcome of matches Sunday night. From the opening match IC Ladder Match to the final match of the night. WWE made illogical choices.

It feels almost like the WWE has now gotten to the point at Wrestlemania where they attempt to swerve the Internet Wrestling Community first, then fix any issues they caused the next night on Raw. Unfortunately, those swerves caused Wrestlemania to fall flat with the fans.

Now that Post Wrestlemania Raw is over we can look back and be hyper critical of the decisions at Wrestlemania.

Why put the title on Zack Ryder? To take the belt off of him 24 hours later, even to get a program with Miz started, is just a pathetic use of the Intercontinental Title. A title that left Wrestlemania 31 with Daniel Bryan, now is being used to start a low midcard feud? This is not a knock against the underutilized Zack Ryder. It’s a knock against the lack of creativity by the bloated writing staff.