I don’t want to be that member of the Internet Wrestling Community. That fan of the IWC that hates on the WWE. That fan of the IWC that hates on every show and rips the WWE because they should have booked it a different way.

That show sucked. That show really sucked.

I found myself feeling sympathy to all the fans who paid huge money to be there in ATT Stadium. Fans who bought tickets for the “brand” and just assumed that something awesome would happen. They were let down.

Let me set the picture as to how I watched Wrestlemania 32. I had a viewing party at my home with 9 other adults most in their 30’s+ with one being 23 years old. 7 of them know every wrestler and every storyline. Two are casual fans but knew the Shane and Reigns storylines. So I was watching with a crowd that for the most part have been invested in WWE product for years.

My home felt like the crowd at ATT stadium. Once Shane lost, nothing mattered.

Once Shane lost, we were all resigned to the fate of Reigns winning because it didn’t matter. The hope for Shane winning wasn’t because we were marks who still treat wrestling kayfabe. People wanted Shane to win because he was viewed as a signal the company has heard us and will be changing course after Wrestlemania.

When that hope was taken from us, nothing else mattered on my tv. My party went from an 8 out of 10 in excitement to about a 4 for the rest of the night.  Reality sunk in that Vince doesn’t care about storylines or fan opinions. Why should he? We just spend a year crapping all over his main storyline, Roman Reigns, while providing the WWE with a record amount of revenue this year.

It actually makes Vince’s pivot, forced by the fans, to put the strap on Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30 all the more amazing.

From just terrible screw my competition booking(didn’t Y2J going over AJ reek of “I can’t let a TNA guy beat my guy” ala Sting), to just really brain dead decisions of who to put over, and the inexplicable run of crowd favorites losing at the biggest show of the year,  we were left with a feeling that a day of our lives was stolen from us.

As my party quickly emptied after Reigns pinned Triple H, there was universal disdain for what we just saw.  And I understand it.

3 out of 10. Bottom 10 worst Wrestlemania of all-time.