Champion Date Location Event Notes

Rob Van Dam June 11, 2006 New York City, NY ECW One Night Stand Awarded by Paul Heyman
The Big Show July 4, 2006 Philadelphia, PA ECW on Sci-Fi
Bobby Lashley December 3, 2006 Augusta, GA December to Dismember Extreme Elimination Chamber
Vince McMahon April 29, 2007 Atlanta, GA Backlash 3 on 1 Handicap Match
Bobby Lashley (2) June 3, 2007 Jacksonville, FL One Night Stand Stripped 11/6/07
Johnny Nitro June 3, 2007 Houston, TX Vengeance Won the Vacant Title
C.M Punk September 4, 2007 Cincinnati, Ohio ECW on Sci-Fi
Chavo Guerrero January 22, 2008 Charlottesville, VA ECW
Kane March 30, 2008 Orlando, FL WrestleMania 24 Became RAW exclusive when Kane was drafted to RAW on June 23, 2008
Mark Henry June 29, 2008 Dallas, TX Night of Champions Title became ECW exclusive once again
Matt Hardy September 7, 2008 Cleveland, OH Unforgiven Match was a scramble match where the winner is the last person to gain a pinfall or submission at the end of time limit
Jack Swagger January 12, 2009 Sioux City, IO ECW
Christian April 26, 2009 Providence, RI Backlash
Tommy Dreamer(2) June 7, 2009 New Orleans, LA Extreme Rules Triple Threat match which also involved Jack Swagger
Christian(2) July 26, 2009 Philadelphia, PA Night of Champions
Ezekiel Jackson February 16, 2010 Kansas City, MO ECW Final Champion because ECW title was retired due to the brand being discontinued

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