Champion Date Location Event Notes

Taka Michinoku 06/12/97 Springfield, MA DeGeneration-X Tournament Final
Christian 18/10/98 Chicago, IL Christian's Debut
Gillberg 17/11/98 Columbus, OH
Essa Rios 08/02/00 Austin, TX
Dean Malenko 13/03/00 East Rutherford, NJ
Scotty Too Hotty 17/04/00 State College, PA
Dean Malenko (2) 27/04/00 Charlotte, NC
Crash Holly 13/03/01 Anaheim, CA
Jerry Lynn 29/04/01 Chicago, IL Heat
Jeff Hardy 07/06/01 Smackdown
XPac 25/06/01 New York City Raw
Tajiri 06/08/01 Anaheim, CA Raw
XPac (2) 30/08/01 San Jose, CA Summerslam 2001 Stripped
Tajiri (2) 13/12/01 Bakersfield, CA Smackdown! Awarded
Billy Kidman 04/04/02 Rochester, NY Smackdown!
Tajiri (3) 21/04/02 Kansas City, MO Backlash
Hurricane 16/05/02 Montreal, QUE Smackdown!
Jamie Noble 23/06/02 Columbus, OH King of the Ring
Billy Kidman (2) 17/11/02 New York City, NY Survivor Series
Matt Hardy 23/02/03 Montreal, QUE No Way Out Lost 10lbs to Qualify
Rey Mysterio 05/06/03 Anaheim, CA Smackdown!
Tajiri (4) 25/09/03 Philadelphia, PA Smackdown!
Rey Mysterio (2) 01/01/04 Laredo, TX Smackdown!
Chavo Guerrero 15/02/04 San Francisco, CA No Way Out
Jacqueline 06/05/04 Tucson, AZ Smackdown! Open Challenge
Chavo Guerrero (2) 16/05/04 Los Angeles, CA Judgment Day One hand tied behind his back
Chavo Classic 20/05/04 Las Vegas, NV Smackdown! 3-WAY with Spike Dudley
Rey Mysterio (3) June 17, 2004 Chicago, IL Smackdown! Classic's last match
Spike Dudley July 29, 2004 Cincinatti, OH Smackdown! Helped by The Dudleyz
Sho Funaki December 12, 2004 Atlanta, GA Armageddon
Chavo Guerrero (3) February 20, 2005 Pittsburgh, PA No Way Out Gauntlet Match
Paul London March 31, 2005 Houston, TX Smackdown! Battle Royal
Nunzio August 6, 2005 Bridgeport, CT Velocity
Juventud Guerrera October 9, 2005 Houston, TX No Mercy
Nunzio (2) November 15, 2005 Rome, Italy Live Event
Juventud Guerrera (2) November 25, 2005 Sheffield, England Smackdown!
Kid Kash December 18, 2005 Providence, RI Armageddon
Gregory Helms January 29, 2006 Miami, FL Royal Rumble Cruiserweight Open
Chavo Guerrero (4) February 18, 2007 Pittsburgh, PA No Way Out Gauntlet Match
Hornswoggle July 22, 2007 San Jose, CA Great American Bash

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