Champion Date Location Notes

Ivan Koloff & Krusher Khrushchev 86/09/28 Atlanta, GA Defeat Dutch Mantel & Bobby Jaggers
Ron Garvin & Barry Windham 86/12/09 Spartanburg, SC
Ivan Koloff & Dick Murdoch 87/03/14 Atlanta, GA Vacant in April,'87 when Murdoch suspended.
Midnight Express (Eaton/Lane) 87/05/16 Atlanta, GA Defeat Ron Garvin & Barry Windham
Fantastics (Rogers/Fulton) 88/04/26 Chattanooga, TN
Midnight Express [2] 88/07/10 Baltimore, MD Vacant 88/09/10 ME win NWA World tag title
Fantastics [2] 88/12/07 Chattanooga, TN Defeat Eddie Gilbert & Ron Simmons
Kevin Sullivan & Steve Williams 88/12/26 Norfolk, VA
Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner 89/02/28 Columbia, SC Vacant in April,'89.
Z-Man (Tom Zenk) & Brian Pillman 90/02/12 Gainesville, GA Defeat Fabulous Freebirds
Midnight Express [3] 90/05/19 Washington, DC
Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner 90/08/24 East Rutherford, NJ Vacant 91/02/20 Steiners win WCW World tag title.
Fabulous Freebirds(Hayes/Garvin) 91/05/19 St. Petersburg, FL Defeat Young Pistols (Smothers/Armstrong).
Patriots (Champion/Firebreaker Chip) 91/08/12 Gainesville, GA
Young Pistols(Smothers/Armstrong) 91/11/05 Gainesville, GA
Ron Simmons & Big Josh 92/01/14 Columbus, GA
Greg Valentine & Taylor-Made Man 92/02/17 Rock Hill, SC
Fabulous Freebirds [2] 92/05/17 Jacksonville, FL
Dick Slater & The Barbarian 92/06/25 Kansas City, MO Abandoned on 92/07/31.

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