Champion Date Location Notes

Buddy Rogers 50/01/01 Defeats Johnny Valentine in tournament final;
Vacant when Rogers wins the World Heavyweight Title on 61/06/30.
Pat O'Connor 61/08/24 Chicago, IL Awarded at the annual NWA meeting.
Sgt. Slaughter 81/10/04 Charlotte, NC Defeats Ricky Steambot in tournament final.
Wahoo McDaniel [2] 82/05/21 Richmond, VA
Sgt. Slaughter [2] 82/06/07 Greenville, NC
Wahoo McDaniel [3] 82/08/22 Charlotte, NC
Greg Valentine [2] 82/11/04 Norfolk, VA
Roddy Piper [2] 83/04/16 Greensboro, NC
Greg Valentine [3] 83/05/01 Greensboro, NC
Dick Slater 83/12/14 Shelby, NC
Ricky Steamboat [3] 84/04/21 Greensboro, NC
Wahoo McDaniel [4] 84/06/24 Greensboro, NC Vacated in 84/07
Wahoo McDaniel [5] 84/10/07 Charlotte, NC Defeats Manny Fernandez in tournament final.
Magnum T.A. 85/03/23 Charlotte, NC
Tully Blanchard 85/07/21 Charlotte, NC
Magnum T.A. [2] 85/11/28 Greensboro, NC Stripped on 86/05/29 for attacking the NWA president Bob Geigel.
Nikita Koloff 86/08/17 Charlotte, NC Defeats Magnum T.A. in best-of-7 tournament;
Defeats Wahoo McDaniel to unify NWA National heavyweight title.
Lex Luger 87/07/11 Greensboro, NC
Dusty Rhodes 87/11/26 Chicago, IL Vacated on 88/04/15 when Rhodes suspended for attacking Jim Crockett.
Barry Windham 88/05/13 Houston, TX Defeats Nikita Koloff in tournament final.
Lex Luger [2] 89/02/20 Chicago, IL
Michael Hayes 89/05/07 Nashville, TN
Lex Luger [3] 89/05/22 Bluefield, WV
Stan Hansen 90/10/27 Chicago, IL
Lex Luger [4] 90/12/16 St. Louis, MO WCW United States Heavyweight title from 91/01;
Vacates on 91/07/14 after winning WCW World Title.
Sting 91/08/25 Atlanta, GA Defeats Steve Austin in tournament final.
Rick Rude 91/11/19 Savannah, GA Vacates on 92/12 because of injury.
Dustin Rhodes 93/01/11 Atlanta, GA Defeats Rick Steamboat in tournament final;
Title held up after a match against Rick Rude
Dustin Rhodes [2] 93/08/30 Atlanta, GA Defeats Rick Rude in rematch;
Recognised as WCW United States Heavywieght title.
Tully Blanchard [2] 97/02/08 Norfalk, VA Defeat Lady Killer in a 4-man tournament final; abandoned in 97.

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