Champion Date Location Notes

Mike Graham 1981
Buck Zumhofe June 19, 1983 Hamburg, MN
Steve Regal March 25, 1984 St. Paul, MN
Buck Zumhofe (2) November 28, 1985 St. Paul, MN Vacated in July 1986 when Zumhofe was sent to prison.
Mike Graham 1988
Jim Backlund December 1988 Tampa, FL Recognized as the sixth champion by FMW in Japan but not by AWA
Lee Gak-soo April 1, 1990 Tokyo, JAPAN Vacated in September 1990 when Lee Gak-soo quit FMW;
Buck Zumhofe was recognized as champion by AWA
~~~after defeating Johnny Stewart on August 11, 1990;
Title was abandoned when AWA closed in 1991.

Katsuji Ueda September 25, 1990 Nagoya, JAPAN Defeated Jim Backlund.
Jim Backlund (2) November 5, 1990 Tokyo, JAPAN
Ricky Fuji May 29, 1991 Tokyo, JAPAN
Mark Starr August 24, 1991 Tokyo, JAPAN
Katsuji Ueda (2) August 31, 1991 Chiba, JAPAN
Dr. Luther March 23, 1992 Saitama, JAPAN Renamed WWA World Martial Arts Junior Heavyweight Title in April 1992;
Dr. Luther lost the title to Katsuji Ueda on September 7, 1992;
Title abandoned in 1993.

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