Roman Reigns screws Vince McMahon.

How does that sound? As we all sit here a week before Wrestlemania feverishly fantasy booking the “Showcase of the Immortals”, I sit here thinking “what would be the best outcome coming OUT of Wrestlemania?”

Now, I’ve been just as guilty as the “anyone but Roman” IWC monsoon against Reigns. I cheered loudly with friends when Sheamus cashed in on him at Survivor Series. I booed loudly with friends when he won his second WWE World Heavyweight Championship in Philly. I also jumped off my recliner at my Royal Rumble viewing party and emphatically “crotch chopped” at my TV when HHH eliminated Reigns.

However, Roman Reigns isn’t a failure. Roman Reigns isn’t a bad idea for the future of the company. He is badly damaged though. That damage can actually be fixed and I believe it can happen at Wrestlemania 32 this sunday.

How can a seemingly broken character be fixed? Roman Reigns has to lose to Triple H.  There is no other way around it to save this character. To have the image of 90k+ people and the vast majority of them booing him as Wrestlemania goes off the air would be forever damaging to him. So why do it McMahon? So you aren’t embarrassed for the third year in a row being forced to change your WM plans due to the outcry from the IWC?

Get Roman Reigns over by having him do what no one has been able to do. A true hero to wrestling fans he would become. A badass that would have 90k people chanting “Thank you roman” as WM went off the air and the next night on Raw.

Have Reigns eliminate the authority at Wrestlemania.

Roman needs to be screwed in his match at Wrestlemania once more. He needs to be screwed in McMahon-like fashion. Maybe a Dusty Finish where HHH makes the ref restart the match after Reigns won ala y2j years ago. Something to that effect where HHH only walks away with the title because of the power of the authority. Maybe even a run-in by the leader of the “anyone but Roman” clan, Bray Wyatt who for a year has been after Reigns.

Regardless of how they do it, he must leave that match as a screwed failed challenger. It would give the IWC what they wanted but it would also tap into the larger undercurrent of Wrestlemania. That is, the anger and frustration fans have with the tired authority story.

Then, during the main event final match of the night, Reigns can save the day for all of the WWE Universe.  Reigns who at that point will be at his breaking point, can interfere in the HIAC match and be the reason why Shane-o-mac defeats the Undertaker.

This works because despite the very large and very vocal “anyone but Roman” group in the IWC, there is a larger and more vocal “we need change” group in the IWC. Fans who just want new things. It’s all great to boo Stephanie weekly and fun to boo HHH and hate him for burying talent (all while cheering him for giving talent in NXT a chance). It is time for something new and a shake up.

Wrestling has NEVER been this stale. Ever. There is no 6 year period in wrestling that we could look back on that is the same as when it started. The IWC lost their minds when Shane came back the night after Fastlane. So what better way to overcome the damage of Reigns than by making HIM the catalyst for the change that everyone wants.

HHH, then only a wrestler, could be put through the gauntlet by Shane or his new GM (I expected Bryan until he got pulled from all WWE events). Then HHH can drop the title to Reigns at Extreme Rules and at that point I would expect him to be over as a face champ and then could reignite a feud with Wyatt.

All that comes later, but for now, Reigns must get screwed this Sunday.