Wrestlemania 8

April 5, 1992 - Indianapolis, Indiana - The Hoosier Dome
Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

  1. DARK MATCH: The Bushwhackers def The Beverly Brothers..

  2. OPENING MATCH: Shawn Michaels w/Sensational Sherri def Tito Santana..

  3. ON STAGE INTERVIEW: Mean Gene & The Legion of Doom with the WWF debut of Paul Ellering..

  4. BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Sean Mooney & Jake "The Snake" Roberts..

  5. TAPED INTERVIEW: The Undertaker & Paul Bearer..

  6. MATCH: The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer def Jake Roberts..
    • Bobby Heenan ponders how Paul Bearer got he ern, and concludes that he EARNED it! (haha)..
    • Jake Roberts hit TWO simoltaneous DDTs on The Undertaker and then went after Paul Bearer..
    • The Undertaker sat up and tombstoned Jake Roberts on the floor outside the ring!
    • The Undertaker rolled Jake Roberts back inside the ring for the R.I.P. pinfall..

  7. BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Mean Gene & Roddy Piper & Bret Hart (got angry at each other)..

  8. INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Bret Hart def Roddy Piper to win the title!
    • Bret Hart got busted open after a bulldog by Roddy Piper..
    • Late in the match, Roddy Piper brought the ringbell into the ring and thought about using it on Bret..
    • Roddy Piper decided not to use it, and slapped a sleeper hold on the Hitman..
    • Bret Hart reversed the sleeper, backflipping off the corner pad into a pinfall to win the title!!!
    • After the match, Roddy Piper presented the belt to Bret Hart and hugged him out of respect..
    • Match of the night..

  9. SATTELITE INTERVIEW: Bobby Heenan & Lex Luger (cut a total arrogance promo)..

  10. 8-MAN TAG: Jim Duggan/Sgt Slaughter/Virgil/Bossman def The Mountie/Repo Man/Nasty Boys..
    • Special guest ring announcer Ray Combs (Family Fued) introduced the members of each team..
    • Jerry Sags accidentally knocked out Brian Knobbs and Virgil pinned him for the victory!

  11. BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Sean Mooney & Ric Flair/Mr. Perfect (talks about showing photos of Liz later)..

  12. COLLISEUM EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lord Alfred Hayes & Randy "Macho Man" Savage..

  13. WWF TITLE MATCH: Randy Savage def Ric Flair w/Mr. Perfect to win the title!
    • Ric Flair did a blade job right in front of the camera and started to bleed..
    • Randy Savage nailed the top rope elbow, but Mr. Perfect pulled the referee out of the ring!
    • Randy Savage went after Mr. Perfect and the referee got between them..
    • Mr. Perfect tossed a forign object to Ric Flair, who used it to knock Randy Savage silly!
    • Ric Flair covered Randy Savage, who miraculous kicked out after a two count!!
    • Ric Flair distracted the referee while Mr. Perfect drove a steel chair into Randy Savage's mid-section!
    • Elizabeth ran down, dispite the pleas from 5 WWF Officials (Garea/Hebner/Goulet/Lyons/Strongbow)
    • Ric Flair locked the figure-four-leg-lock on Randy Savage for several minutes..
    • Randy Savage reversed the figure-four and Ric Flair grabbed Mr. Perfect's hand for leverage..
    • Referee Earl Hebner kicked Ric Flair's hand to force him to release the hold..
    • Randy Savage picked up the victory with a suprise rollup pinfall to win the WWF title!!!!!!!!
    • After the match, Ric Flair tried to force himself onto Liz, who fought back and slapped Ric Flair!
    • Randy Savage attacked Ric Flair and they had a lengthy pull-apart brawl between the two..

  14. BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Sean Mooney & Ric Flair/Mr. Perfect + Bobby Heenan..
    • Mr. Perfect & Bobby Heenan claimed to have been cheated and that Randy Savage held the tights..
    • Ric Flair says that the group (he, Perfect & Heenan) will regroup and recapture the Gold..

  15. BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Mean Gene & Randy Savage/Elizabth..
    • Randy Savage says that the WWF title is only one piece of Ric Flair that he wants..

  16. MATCH: Tatanka def Rick Martel with a suprise rollup..

  17. BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Sean Mooney & Money Inc/Jimmy Hart..
    • Jimmy Hart reminds everybody that he knows the Natural Disasters weaknesses..

  18. BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Mean Gene & The Natural Disasters (want revenge on Jimmy Hart)..

  19. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Natural Disasters def Money Inc (Champs) w/Jimmy Hart by CO..
    • Ted DiBiase & IRS grab their belts and walk out resulting in a count out (no title change)..

  20. MATCH: Owen Hart def Skinner (Steve Keirn)..

  21. BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Mean Gene & Sid Justice/Harvy Wippleman..

  22. TAPED INTERVIEW: Vince McMahon & Hulk Hogan (teases that this will be Hulk's last match)..

  23. MAIN EVENT: Hulk Hogan def Sid Justice by DQ when Papa Shango interfered..
    • Sid Justice manhandled Hulk Hogan until the end when Hulk came back and dropped the leg on Sid..
    • Sid, feeling as though he had nothing to lose, kicked out of the 'planned' finish..
    • Harvey Wippleman suspected Sid may try something like this, so he interfered causeing the DQ finish..
    • Papa Shango also ran down and got involved in a 2-on-1 beat-down on Hulk Hogan..
    • The Ultimate Warrior (making his return to the WWF) ran down to make the big save..

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