March 17, 2002 - Toronto, Canada - Skydome
Wrestlemania 18 Image Gallery

  1. Sunday Night Heat: Hosted by Michael Cole & Tazz..
    • Video package recap of events leading up to Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall.
    • They announced the addition of a Hardcore Title match between Champion Maven vs. Goldust.
    • Video package recap of events leading up to "Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. The Undertaker.
    • Video package recap of Triple H on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien.
    • Video package recap of WWF Superstars on Weakest Link.
    • Video package recap of events leading up to The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan.
    • 6-MAN TAG MATCH: Scotty Too Hotty & Albert & Rikishi beat Mr. Perfect & Lance Storm & Test.
      • Long time WWE Diva Jacqueline Moore was the guest female referee for the match..


  3. INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam def William Regal to win the Intercontinental title!

  4. INTERVIEW: Lillian Garcia & Christian.
    • Christian said he turned on Diamond Dallas Page because he didn't need anyone's help.
    • Christian said that when he became a winner, he ditched his hometown of Toronto in favor of Florida.
    • He said that he would reclaim the European Championship from Diamond Dallas Page that night.

  5. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Diamond Dallas Page def Christian to retain the European title..
    • DDP nailed the Diamond Cutter and pinned Christian, and then took the mic and said he was proud of Christian.
    • Even though he had lost in front of 67,000 fans at SkyDome and millions more at home, he hadn't lost his temper.
    • That's not a bad thing, that's a good thing. DDP turned to leave, Christian exploded into a frustrated tantrum.

  6. INTERVIEW: The Coach & The Rock.
    • The Rock looked at The Coach and asked if he took his vitamins --- The Coach said he did..
    • The Rock asked The Coach if he said his prayers --- and The Coach said that he was busy..
    • The Rock asked the people if they would like to see The Coach say his prayers -- crowd cheered..
    • The Rock then ordered The Coach to get on his knees and pray like he never prayed before.
    • The Coach got on his knees and said, "What up G?" but The Rock cut him off and told him to beat it.
    • The Rock issued a question to Hulk Hogan, "What'cha gonna do when The Rock runs wild on you?"
    • The Rock said Hollywood Hulk Hogan would hear 70,000 people chanting for both The Rock and Hogan.
    • The Rock added that Hollywood Huk Hogan will see the People's Elbow come crashing down on him..

  7. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Maven vs. Goldust ended with Spike Dudley winning the Hardcore title...
    • During the match: Spike Dudley dashed to the ring and covered Maven to become the new WWE Hardcore Champion!
    • Spike Dudley started to celebrate, but Crash Holly ran down and chased him out of the ring and through the crowd!

  8. MUSIC PERFORMANCE: Drowning Pool performed the WrestleMania X8 theme song "Tear Away" live..

  9. BACKSTAGE: The Hardcore Title Match Continued under 24/7 Rules...
    • Crash Holly managed to catch Spike Dudley in the back and immediately began pounding on him.
    • Al Snow raced in driving a golf cart with referee Teddy Long and crashed through a wall of boxes!
    • The Hurricane swung in on a rope and descended on Spike Dudley, pinning him for the Hardcore title!

  10. MATCH: Kurt Angle def Kane..

  11. BACKSTAGE: The Hardcore Title Match Continued under 24/7 Rules...
    • The Hurricane slunk around in fear of someone who might attack him for his Hardcore Championship..
    • The Hurricane stumbled into a dressing room where some of the Godfather's Hos were getting dressed..
    • The Hurricane peered over the curtain at the ladies, who were oblivious to his presence in the room.
    • The Hurricane's shadow gave him away, though, and the Hos began screaming for their Godfather for help..
    • The Godfather ran in and attacked The Hurricane, who used his Hurri-speed to make a clean getaway.

  12. No-DQ GRUDGE MATCH: The Undertaker def "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.
    • The Undertaker improved his WrestleMania record to a perfect 10-0.

  13. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Booker T.
    • Michael Cole asked Booker T - who was wearing glasses - about the talk about his lack of intelligence.
    • Booker T said that he is educated and aced his SATs and wrote a great thesis on the "theory of relatives"
    • Booker T said that Edge would get a taste of a new product, an ass-whipping by the 5-time former WCW Champion.

  14. GRUDGE MATCH: Edge def Booker T.

  15. BACKSTAGE: The Hardcore Title Match Continued under 24/7 Rules...
    • The Hurricane was approached by The Coach for a comment about what happened with the Godfather's Hos.
    • The Hurricane quickly def ended himself, saying he was not a hurri-perv, but a hurri-hardcore champion!
    • Mighty Molly arrived and said, "Quick! To the Hurri-cycle!" but then knocked Hurricane out with a frying pan!
    • Mighty Molly pinned her mentor The Hurricane to capture the WWE Hardcore title for herself..

  16. MATCH: Stone Cold Steve Austin def Scott Hall w/Kevin Nash.

  17. TAG TEAM ELIMINATION MATCH: Billy & Chuck beat The Dudleyz and The Hardyz and The APA to retain!
    • The APA (Bradshaw & Farooq) were eliminated first after Bradshaw was taken out with a 3-D by the Dudley Boyz..
    • The Dudley Boyz (Bubba & D-Von w/Stacy Keibler) were eliminated by the Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy)..
    • The Hardy Boyz (Jeff & Matt Hardy) were eliminated by Billy & Chuck, who retained their Tag Team titles..

  18. BACKSTAGE: Scott Hall & Kevin Nash.
    • Scott Hall said that Steve Austin got lucky and that he is better than Stone Cold.
    • Scott Hall & Kevin Nash promised to take out their frustrations on The Rock later on.
    • Hulk Hogan came in and he didn't want their help that night because he wanted to prove that he is "the man".
    • The new World order said that just because Hogan didn't want their help didn't mean they wouldn't be there.

  19. BACKSTAGE: The Hardcore Title Match Continued under 24/7 Rules...
    • Mighty Molly scurried around nervously, then smacked into a door that suddenly closed.
    • Christian emerged from behind it and pinned her to become the next WWE Hardcore Champion!

  20. ICON VS. ICON MATCH: The Rock def Hollywood Hulk Hogan...
    • The People's Champion stood eye to eye with the man that took the sports-entertainment industry to a new level.
    • The crowd was going insane for Hulk Hogan but also gave The Rock a really hard time in a truly unique moment..
    • The Rock collected the 1-2-3 pin and can now say that he is the greatest sports-entertainment icon of all time.
    • When the smoke cleared, the two legends again stood inches apart in the ring and Hulk Hogan extended a hand.
    • The Rock took it and they congratulated each other on an outstanding match as Scott Hall & Kevin Nash arrived..
    • The Rock exited, while Scott Hall & Kevin Nash turned on Hulk Hogan until The Rock returned to make the save!
    • Hulk Hogan started to leave the ring, but Rock waved him back in to the ring for some of his infamous posing..

  21. ANNOUNCEMENT: Howard Finkel.
    • The Fink announced that WrestleMania 18 set a new SkyDome attendance record with 68,237 fans filling the arena!

  22. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Jazz def Lita and Trish Stratus to retain the Women's title..

  23. BACKSTAGE: The Hardcore Title Match Continued under 24/7 Rules...
    • Christian exulted over his newly-won Hardcore Championship and was about make his getaway in a taxi-cab..
    • Maven snuck up from behind and rolled Christian up into a pin to reclaim the title he started the night with!

  24. UNDISPUTED TITLE MATCH: Triple H def Chris Jericho w/Stephanie McMahon to capture the Undisputed title.
    • Stephanie McMahon escorted the Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho to the ring and glared at her former husband.
    • Triple H set out to complete his storybook comeback by taking the Championship off of Chris Jericho's waist.
    • Triple H's heavily taped leg became a big target for Chris Jerico's offense throughout the entire matchup..
    • Stephanie McMahon's repeated attempts at interference were thwarted by Triple H, who gave his ex a Pedigree!
    • Triple H finished off Chris Jericho with a Pedigree and pinned Y2J to capture the Undisputed Championship!

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