The Triple Threat~
January 21, 1997 - Toronto, Ontario - Skydome drawing 25,628 ($324,326)

  1. MATCH: Rocky Maivia def The Sultan (aka Rikishi)..

  2. MATCH: Vader def Stone Cold Steve Austin by DQ.

  3. MATCH: Savio Vega def Flash Funk (Too Cold Scorpio)..

  4. TAG TITLE MATCH: Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon beat Owen Hart & Bulldog (Champions) by countout..

  5. MATCH: Crush def Goldust..

  6. IC TITLE MATCH: Hunter Hearst Helmsley def "Wildman" Marc Mero..

  7. NO HOLDS BARRED TAG MATCH: The Undertaker & Ahmed Johnson def Crush & Farooq..

  8. WWF TITLE 3-WAY: Shawn Michaels def Bret Hart and Sycho Sid to retain..

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