November 14, 1999
Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena
Drawing 18,735 ($841,095) - PPV Rating = 1.14

Three different elimination matches..
Kurt Angle def Shawn Stasiak..
Kane def eats XPac..
Chyna def eats Chris Jericho..
New Age Outlaws def eat Mankind & Al Snow..
Steve Austin whiped out by vehicle..
Big Show def eats Triple H & The Rock..

Survivor Series 1999 Image Gallery

-The Godfather		Buh Buh Ray Dudley
-D-Lo Brown	vs	D-Von Dudley
-Mosh 			Farooq
-Thrasher		Bradshaw

	-Bradshaw pinned Thrasher (3:40).
	-Buh Buh pinned Mosh (4:57).
	-Bradshaw as DQed (5:52).
	-D-Von and Farooq were counted out (6:45).
	-Brown pinned Buh Buh (9:36).

SURVIVORS: Godfather & D-Lo

-Kurt Angle pinned Sean Stasiak (5:56).

-Val Venis			British Bulldog
-Mark Henry	 	vs	Rodney
-Gangrel			Pete Gas
-Steve Blackman			Joey Abs

	-Blackman pinned Pete Gas (2:56).
	-Gangrel pinned Rodney (4:21).
	-Henry pinned Joey Abs (6:02).
	-Bulldog pinned Gangrel (6:46).
	-Bulldog pinned Blackman (7:32).
	-Venis pinned Bulldog (9:10).

SURVIVORS: Venis & Henry

-Mae Young			Ivory
-The Fabulous Moolah  	 vs	Luna
-Tori				Jacquelyn
-Debra				Terrie Runnels

Mae, Moolah, Tori, Debra win when Moolah pinned Ivory.

-Kane beat X-Pac (4:14) via DQ.

-The Big Show beat The Big Bossman, Prince Albert, Mideon, & 
Viscera (1:27) in a "handicap elimination" match. 
	-Show pinned Mideon (0:18).
	-Show pinned Albert (0:30).
	-Show pinned Viscera (0:55).
	-Bossman was counted out (1:27).

-WWF I-C Champ Chyna pinned Chris Jericho (13:45).

-Brian Christopher		Christian
-Scott Taylor	    	vs	Edge
-Hardcore Holly			Matt Hardy
-Crash Holly 			Jeff Hardy

	-Hardcore pinned Edge (6:06).
	-Taylor pinned Matt (6:22).
	-Jeff pinned Taylor (10:11).
	-Christopher pinned Jeff (11:34).
	-Christian pinned Christopher (11:45).
	-Christian pinned Crash (13:58).
	-Hardcore pinned Christian (14:26).

SURVIVOR: Hardcore Holly

-WWF Tag Champs The New Age Outlaws beat Al Snow & Mankind (13:59)
when Gunn pinned Mankind.

-The Big Show beat Triple H and The Rock (16:15) in a "triangle" 
match to win the WWF World Title when he pinned Helmsley.

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