November 16, 1996 - New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - Survivor Series 1996 Image Gallery

  1. Phil LaFon
    Doug Furnas
    Henry Godwinn
    Phinias Godwinn
    Marty Jannetty was eliminated.
    Henry Godwinn was eliminated.
    Phinias Godwinn was eliminated by Bulldog.
    Lief Cassidy eliminated by Phil Lafon.
    The Bulldog was eliminated by Phil Lafon.
    Owen Hart was eliminated by Doug Furnas.
    SURVIVOR: Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon.
    Owen Hart
    British Bulldog
    Marty Jannetty
    Lief Cassidy
    w/Clarence Mason
  2. INTERVIEW: Raymond Rougeau & Ahmed Johnson (suspension is over tomorrow and it's "party time")

  3. INTERVIEW: Kevin Kelly & Paul Bearer & Mankind (Paul freaks out about being suspended in a cage)

  4. MATCH: The Undertaker def Mankind..
    • Paul Bearer was locked in a cage and raised above the ring to prevent him from interfering..
    • The Undertaker was lowered from the ceiling while wearing a weird leather bat-like outfit..
    • The Undertaker eventually won after nailing the Tombstone Piledriver..
    • Paul Bearer was lowered from the cage but the Executioner (Terry Gordy) ran in to make the save!

  5. RINGSIDE: Sunny joined Vince McMahon & Jim Ross at the announce table..

  6. INTERVIEW: Dok Hendrix & Hunter Heurst Helmsley & Jerry Lawler & Goldust & Crush..
  7. Marc Mero w/Sable
    The Stalker (Windham)
    Rocky Maivia (debut)
    Jake Roberts
    The Stalker was eliminated.
    Jerry Lawler was eliminated.
    Triple H was eliminated by Marc Mero.
    Marc Mero was eliminated.
    Jake Roberts was eliminated by Crush.
    Crush was eliminated by Rocky Maivia.
    Goldust was eliminated by Rocky Maivia.
    SURVIVOR: Rocky Maivia.
    Hunter Heurst-Helmsley
    Goldust w/Marlena
    Jerry Lawler
  8. INTERVIEW: Todd Pettengill & Steve Austin (says he doesn't care about the buildup to Bret's return)..

  9. INTERVIEW: Todd Pettengill & Bret "Hitman" Hart..

  10. MATCH: Bret "Hitman" Hart def "Stone Cold" Steve Austin..

  11. INTERVIEW: Dok Hendrix & Sycho Sid (says he'll do anything it takes to walk out WWF champion)..
  12. Bart Gunn
    Jesse James
    Bob Holly
    Aldo Montoya
    Not shown on PPV.
    SURVIVOR: Bart Gunn.
    Billy Gunn
    The Sultan
    Justin Bradshaw
    Salvatore Sincere
  13. Yokozuna
    Flash Funk
    Savio Vega
    Jimmy Snuka
    Savio Vega was eliminated by Diesel.
    Razor Ramon was eliminated by Snuka.

    All hell broke loose and the match
    was rules a NO CONTEST by the referee.
    Fake Razor Ramon
    Fake Diesel
    w/Jim Cornette
    w/Clarence Mason
  14. WWF TITLE MATCH: Sid def Shawn Michaels w/Jose Lothario to win the title!
    • Sycho Sid smashed Jose Lotherio with a WWF camera and then got hit with an HBK superkick..
    • Shawn Michaels went to check on his mentor, who was clutching his chest..
    • Sycho Sid capitolized and pulled Michaels back into the ring, leading to the referee getting knocked out..
    • Sycho Sid then smashed the camera over the back of Shawn Michaels..
    • Sycho Sid tossed Shawn Michaels into the ring, powerbombed him, and scored the pinfall to win the title!
    • Jose Lothario was carried out on a stretcher..

  15. And that's a wrap..

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