November 23, 1994 - San Antonio, Texas - Survivor Series 1994 Image Gallery

Razor Ramon
1-2-3 Kid
British Bulldog
Headshrinker Fatu
Headshrinker Sionne
Fatu was eliminated by Deisel after a powerbomb.
Sionne was eliminated by Deisel after a powerbomb.
1-2-3 Kid was eliminated by Deisel.
The Bulldog was eliminated by Deisel.
Deisel turned on his team after Michaels kicked him!
All four members of the team were counted out.....
Shawn Michaels escaped the building and drove off.
SURVIVOR: Razor Ramon.
Shawn Michaels
Jeff Jarrett
Owen Hart
Jim Neidhart
Lots of goofiness for the first 10 minutes.
Doink the Clown was eliminated by Jerry Lawler.
Pink & Wink were eliminated but hid under the ring.
Dink was eliminated and the The King's team celebrated.
Jerry Lawler berated his team members for taking credit.
All six midgets returned to gang up on Jerry Lawler!!!!
Doink returned and splashed a pie in Lawler's face!
SURVIVORS: Jerry Lawler, Queasy, Sleezy & Cheesy .
Jerry Lawler
WWF TITLE MATCH: Bob Backlund w/Owen Hart def Bret Hart w/British Bulldog to win the title!
  • Owen Hart tricked his mother Helen Hart into tossing in the towel on Bret Hart's bahalf..
Guts & Glory:
Lex Luger
Adam Bomb
Billy Gunn
Bart Gunn
Tom Prichard was eliminated by Mable after a splash.
Mable was counted out after taking a stiff bump to the floor.
Adam Bomb was eliminated by Bigelow after a moonsault.
Jimmy Del Ray was eliminated by Lex Luger by pinfall.
Bart Gunn was eliminated by Tatanka by pinfall.
Billy Gunn was eliminated by King Kong Bundy by pinfall.
Tatanka was eliminated by Lex Luger by rollup pinfall.
Lex Luger was eliminated by King Kong Bundy after a splash!
The $$$ Team attacked Luger until his team returned to save! SURVIVORS: King Kong Bundy & Bam Bam Bigelow.
Million Dollar Team:
King Kong Bundy
Bam Bam Bigelow
Jimmy Del Ray
Tom Prichard
w/Ted DiBiase
CASKET MATCH: The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer def Yokozuna w/Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji
  • Chuck Norris was the special outside enforcer to make sure nobody interfered (like last time!)..
  • King Kong Bundy & Bam Bam Bigelow challenged and distracted Chuck Norris..
  • Meanwhile, Irwin R. Sheister ran in from the opposide side and attacked The Undertaker!..
  • IRS beat up Undertaker and dumped him into the Casket and retreated..
  • All Yokozuna had to do was shut the lid, but he wasted too much time!
  • The Undertaker escaped the Casket and grabbed Yokozuna by the throat!
  • Jeff Jarrett came down and got thrust kicked in the chest by Chuck Norris!
  • The Undertaker finished off Yokozuna in the ring and locked him in the Casket!!!

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