• November 14, 2004 - Cleveland, Ohio;

    • La Reistance def The SuperHeros -Tag Team titles-;
    • S.Dudley def R.Mysterio & C.Guerrero & B.Kidman -CW title-;
    • Shelton Benjamin def Christian -Intercontinental title-;
    • Eddy/Big Show/RVD/Cena def Angle/Jindrak/Reigns/Cool;
    • The Undertaker def John Heidenreich -Grudge Match-;
    • Trish Stratus def Lita by DQ -Woman's title-;
    • John Bradshaw Layfield def Booker T -WWE Title-;
    • Orton/Benoit/Jericho/Maven def HHH/Batista/Edge/Snitsky;

    • TAG TITLE MATCH: La Resistance def The Hurricane & Rosey to retain..

  2. CW TITLE 4-WAY: Spike Dudley def Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman..
    • Billy Kidman gave Chavo Guerrero a legdrop over the top rope as he (Chavo) was about to pin Spike..
    • Spike Dudley scored the pinfall on Chavo Guerrero to retain his CW title in a great opener..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & John Heidenreich & Gene Snitsky (Interpromotional hype)..
    • Gene Snitsky and John Heidenreich meet up backstage and get face-to-face while grunting and breathing heavy..
    • Gene Snitsky tells John Heidenreich that he likes his poetry..
    • John Heidenreich tells Gene Snitsky that he likes what he does to babies..

  4. INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Shelton Benjamin def Christian w/Tyson Tomko to retain..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Edge + Eugene Dinsmore (Interpromotional hype)..
    • Kurt Angle said he read Edge's book, and said he didn't like how he was portrayed..
    • Kurt Angle walked away and bumped into Eugene, who looked in awe of the Olympic Champion..
    • Eugene Dinsmore started chanting "You suck! You suck!" at Kurt Angle..

  6. ELIMINATION: Team Guerrero def Team Angle..
    • Team Guerrero: Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, The Big Show...... and John Cena!
    • Team Angle: Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns and Carlito Caribbean Cool w/Jesus..
    • John Cena chased Carlito Cool (who is injured legit) into the parking lot where he stole a car and drove off..
    • Rob Van Dam was eliminated by Kurt Angle by pinfall..
    • Mark Jindrak was eliminated by Eddie Guerrero by pinfall..
    • Luther Reigns was eliminated by Big Show by pinfall..
    • Kurt Angle tried to walk out of the 3-1 disadvantage but Rob Van Dam pushed him back to the ring!
    • Kurt Angle was eliminated after a Cena-FU, a Guerrero-frogsplash and a Big Show pinfall!
    • SURVIVORS: Eddie Guerrero & John Cena & The Big Show..

  7. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Maven (Gene Snitsky attacked Maven and beat the crap out of him!)..

  8. GRUDGE MATCH: The Undertaker def John Heidenreich w/Paul Heyman after a tombstone piledriver..

  9. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Trish Stratus def Lita by DQ to retain..
    • Lita attacked Trish as the bell rang and later whacked Trish with chairshot to the face for the DQ..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Theodore Long & John Cena (Booked John Cena vs Carlito Cool for the US title on Smackdown!)..

  11. WWE TITLE MATCH: John Bradshaw Layfield def Booker T with help from Orlando Jordan..
    • Josh Mathews came in at one point to stop Orlando Jordan from interfering but ended up knocked down by JBL..
    • Booker T hit the Bookend on Orlando Jordan, but then got knocked senseless by a JBL belt shot to the face!
    • John Bradshaw Layfield retains the WWE Championship -- as the audience collectively growned..

  12. ELIMINATION: Randy Orton/Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho/Maven def HHH/Batista/Edge/Gene Snitsky w/Ric Flair..
    • The members of the winning team will each get a chance to be in charge of RAW for one week..
    • Chris Benoit was eliminated by Triple H after a Pedigree..
    • Batista was eliminated by Chris Jericho by pinfall after an Orton belt-shot..
    • Maven, who wasn't expected to make it to the match, ran into the match, still a bloody mess..
    • Gene Snitsky (busted open hardway) was eliminated by DQ after whacking everyone with chairshots!
    • Maven was eliminated by Triple H..
    • Chris Jericho was eliminated by Edge after a spear..
    • Edge was eliminated by Randy Orton after accidentally spearing Triple H, then walking into an RKO!
    • Randy Orton squared off with Triple H and managed to score the pinfall to win it for his team!
    • Editor's Note: Gene Snitsky was looked at after the show as possibly suffering a broken orbital bone..

  13. And that's a wrap folks...

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