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November 17, 2002 - New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - Survivor Series 2002 Image Gallery
RAW Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler || Smackdown! Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz


    • Coach & Lita explains that there is a ban on showing the Elimination Chamber on Heat (cheap!)..
    • WWE THE WORLD: Stacy asks rock band "Saliva" to sing Test's new entrance music..
    • ~~~Stacy adds that if there's one thing that Testicles like, it's Saliva!
    • Eric Bischoff thinks about entering Stephanie McMahon's office but changes his mind and walks away..
    • William Regal & Lance Storm def eat Hurricane & Goldust - Tommy Dreamer appears after the match!

    • Video package featuring the Brock/Big Show build-up and the Elimination Chamber participants..
    • We also get our first glimpe of the Elimination Chamber hanging above the ring..

  3. SIX MAN TABLES MATCH: Jeff Hardy, Bubba & Spike Dudley vs Rico, Rosey & Jamal..
    • Bubba picks Spike up and throws him over the top rope onto Rico, Rosey & Jamal!
    • Bubba drops to his knees and Jeff Hardy leaps off his back over the top rope onto the three men..
    • Spike hits the wassup headbutt on Rosey..
    • Bubba calls for the tables and he sets one up in the corner but is attacked..
    • Jamal misses a spear into a table but is not eliminated..
    • Rico sets up a table goes to suplex spike thru but its blocked..
    • Rosey and Jamal hit a double flapjack manouver on Spike through a table! Spike is eliminated
    • Jamal splashes Rico by mistake and Bubba hits a Bubbabomb on Jamal..
    • They set up a table as Jeff stands on the Entrance ramp and swantons onto Rosey to eliminate him!
    • Rico goes up top setting for a moonsault but fall and crotches himself..
    • Jeff goes through a table on the outside but is not elimnated because he did it to himself..
    • Jeff is set up outside and Jamal goes to the top rope and splashes to the outside! Jeff is eliminated!
    • Bubba sets Rico on a table and goes to the top but Jamal pulls Rico to safety..
    • Bubba brings Jamal to the top rope and powerbombs Jamal through a table from the top rope! Jamal is eliminated
    • Jamal and Rosey come back to triple team Bubba..
    • D-VON comes out in his old DUDLEY atire and the Dudley Boyz put Rico in the 3D!

  4. THE WORLD: Stacy & Saliva..
    • Stacy talks about all the Testicles and introduces Saliva playing live at THE WORLD:
    • Saliva plays "Always"..

  5. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs Billy Kidman..
    • Kidman goes up top for the shooting star but Nidia pulls Noble out of the ring..
    • Kidman leaps onto Noble outside of the ring instead!
    • Nidia gets up and slaps Kidman..
    • Noble goes after Kidman but accidentally knocks Nidia off the apron!
    • After a few near falls, Kidman hits the shooting star press to win the CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE!
    • Kidman goes out through the crowd, DDP style..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle..
    • Angle and Benoit talkin bout Kidman winning the Cruiserweight title..
    • Angle says they can win back the titles, then they begin to argue..
    • Angle isnt having any of it much to Benoits dismay..
    • Angle says no one can beat them when they're on the same page..
    • Benoit offers his hand Angle refuses and instead wants a hug..

  7. F-VIEW: Victoria..
    • Victoria talking to a mirror - "Mirror Mirror on the wall whos the prettiest of them all?"..
    • Victoria freaks out and says "TRISH STRATUS?????? TRISH STRATUS??????..
    • Victoria goes berzerk and destroys the room..

  8. WOMENS TITLE HARDCORE MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Victoria..
    • Victoria uses a broomstick on Trish choking her hanging her with it from the top rope..
    • Trish works Victoria over with a Singapore Cane..
    • Victoria fights back as her nose begins to bleed..
    • Victoria goes under the ring and brings out a mirror and then a fire exstinguisher..
    • Victoria wins the match after a suplex to win the Woman's title!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Coach & Eric Bischoff..
    • Coach asks Eric about the Elimination Chamber..
    • Bischoff gives nothng away just saying hes got one over on Steph..
    • Big Show interupts and says that Bischoff made a mistake letting him go..
    • Big Show says that he will walk out as champion tonight..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar..
    • Paul Heyman expresses his concern, saying Brock has not been the same since Hell in the Cell..
    • Paul says he is still confident of Brock winning..

  11. UNDISPUTED TITLE MATCH: Brock Lesnar vs The Big Show..
    • The crowd is solidly behind Brock Lesnar for the match..
    • Big Show works on Brock's injured ribs immediately..
    • Brock hits a german suplex on Big Show!
    • Referee get knocked down..
    • Brock his a belly-to-belly suplex on Big Show!
    • Brock hits a big F5 on the Big Show!
    • The referee counts.. ONE.... TWO.....
    • Paul Heyman pulls the referee out of the ring -- SCREWING BROCK LESNAR!!!
    • Big Show uses a chair to Brock's ribs and then his head!
    • Big Show nails a "giant" chokeslam on Brock onto the steel chair..
    • Big Show pins Brock to win the WWE Undisputed title!
    • Big Show leaves with Paul Heyman in a getaway car..

  12. TAG TEAM TITLE ELIMINATION TRIPLE THREAT: Rey/Edge vs Angle/Benoit vs Los Guerreros..
    • Angle hugs Benoit before the match officially begins..
    • Rey with a splash from the top on Chavo kickout after 1..
    • Rey falls from the top rope after trying a springboard moonsault suffering a rare loss of balance..
    • Angle tries to tag in one of the Guerreros but they jumped off the apron..
    • Rey went for a hurricanrana on Eddy, but was caught and dumped him outside..
    • Angle got the Anklelock on Edge but Rey came in and broke it up..
    • Benoit side-suplexed Eddie over the top rope..
    • Eddie frog-splashes Edge but Benoit headbutts Eddie from the top rope..
    • Benoit covers but Chavo hits Benoit with the belt!
    • Benoit and Angle start to argue..
    • Angle is holding a title belt and Benoit thinks Angle was the one who hit him!
    • Edge hits a spear on Benoit -- 1-2-3 -- Benoit/Angle are eliminated!
    • Angle and Benoit argue in the ring and continue to beat on Edge, Rey, Eddie & Chavo..
    • Benoit hits german suplex on Chavo, while Angle hits an angleslam on Edge!
    • Benoit and Angle continue to argue as they make their way backstage..
    • Edge hits a double spear on both Guerreros!
    • Rey hits the 619 on Eddy!
    • Rey goes for the West Coast Pop on Chavo, but gets hit in the back with the belt!
    • Eddie locks Rey in the El Passo Lasso, Rey tape out and Los Guerreros win the Tag Team titles!

  13. IN THE RING: Christopher Nowinski + Matt Hardy + "Holla if ya hea' me!"
    • Nowinski comes out and insults the New York City audience..
    • Nowinski says the Yankees bought their World Series victories..
    • Nowinski says New York is #1 in stupidity..
    • Matt Hardy Interupts and asks Nowinski who does he think he is?
    • Matt says he's come to tell him New Yorker's arent stupid, they are classified as "Losers"..
    • Matt says he's having the 'mattitude' sucked out of him like the life out of the Knicks..
    • Nowinski says they're not losers they're just too stupid to know better..
    • Nowinski says to the crowd "Are you Losers or just Stupid?"
    • Matt says they're both "Losers" and "Stupid" -- they're "Loopid"!
    • Suddenly Scott Stiener's music hits and out comes BIG POPPA PUMP!
    • Steiner walks slowly to the ring looking big and healthy..
    • Steiner clotheslines Nowinksi and suplex's Matt Hardy..
    • Steiner beats the two of them down..
    • Steiner gorilla presses Matt outside the ring onto Chris Nowinski!
    • Steiner does a few push-ups in the ring..
    • Steiner gets the mic: "This goes to all my Freaks in NYC Holler if Ya hear me"

  14. THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER: Triple H v Shawn Michaels v Kane v Booker v Chris Jericho v Rob Van Dam..
    • The structure is 32 foot wide, 16 foot high, 10 tons of steel, and 2 miles of chain!
    • Eric Bischoff goes to the ring before the match and brags about creating the Elimination Chamber..
    • Kane, Booker, Michaels & Jericho enter the ring and are confined to an eternal locked chamber bulletproof plexi glass..
    • HHH (accompanied by Flair) & RVD start the match in the center of the ring..
    • HHH is busted open within three minutes!!!
    • RVD hits the Rolling Thunder over the top rope onto HHH laying on the steel staging..
    • RVD flips off (middle finger) Jericho through the glass..
    • RVD climbs on top of Jericho's chamber..
    • Jericho pulls RVD into the chamber through the steel chain roof..
    • FIVE MINUTE MARK: Chris Jericho's chamber opens..
    • RVD goes after Y2J..
    • HHH lays in the corner bleeding..
    • RVD tosses Y2J over the top onto the staging..
    • RVD jumps on the side of the cage, flipping off it hitting YJ2 with a cross body..
    • HHH and Y2J double team RVD..
    • HHH and Y2J slam RVD into the steel chain repeatedly..
    • HHH hits RVD with a DDT!
    • TEN MINUTE MARK: Booker T's chamber opens..
    • Booker lays out HHH and Y2J clearing the ring..
    • Booker does a spineroonie (cause this is the most important match of his career, right?)
    • RVD and Booker T start to go at it..
    • HHH and Y2J lay out on the steel staging getting catching their breath..
    • Booker hits HHH with a scissors kick but didnt follow up with the cover..
    • RVD goes to the top of an empty chamber, 15 ft in the air, and delivers a five-star-frog splah onto HHH!
    • RVD hurts himself landing awkwardly in his knees..
    • Booker with a missile dropkick and ELIMINATES ROB VAN DAM..
    • FIFTEEN MINUTE MARK: Kane's chamber opens..
    • Kane comes in and clears the ring..
    • Kane gorilla presses Y2J face first onto the chains!
    • Kane throws Y2J through the bullet proof glass face first and it shatters!
    • Kane hits a chokeslam on Booker T..
    • Y2J hits the lionsault on Booker T and pins him to ELIMINATE BOOKER T..
    • Y2J is busted open and bleeding..
    • Kane press slams Y2J into the ring from the staging..
    • Kane powerslams HHH off the top turnbuckle..
    • TWENTY MINUTE MARK: Shawn Michael's chamber opens..
    • HHH continues to rest in the corner..
    • Kane chokeslams ALL of them calls for the tombstone on HHH..
    • HHH reverses it and pushes Kane into a Shawn Michaels superkick!
    • HHH pedigree Kane..
    • Y2J hits the lionsault on Kane and KANE IS ELIMINATED..
    • Michaels is busted open and bleeding too..
    • HBK goes for a piledriver on Y2J on the steel staging but Y2J reverses it into a back body drop..
    • Micheals hits a moonsault on Y2J..
    • Michaels locks in the Walls of Jericho on Y2J but its broken by HHH..
    • HHH sets up Y2J for the Pedigree but its reversed to the Walls of Jericho!
    • HHH crawls to the ropes but Y2J drags him back..
    • Michaels superkicks Y2J and pins him.. JERICHO IS ELIMINTED..
    • Michaels & HHH face off..
    • HHH hits the spinebuster on Michaels..
    • HHH back body drops HBK onto the steel staging on the outside..
    • Michaels goes for the pedigree on HHH..
    • HHH reverses it and does a catapult on Michaels into one of the chambers!
    • Michaels goes through the glass, hes busted even more now and lays motionless!
    • HHH drags him back into the ring for a two-count..
    • Michaels pulls himself up on HHH's trunks..
    • Michaels & HHH trade blows..
    • HHH hits a facebuster on Michaels!
    • Micheals falls to the steel staging outside the ring..
    • HHH goes for the pedigree..
    • Michaels reverses it into a catapult for HHH into the chain!
    • Michaels climbs to the top of one of the chambers and delivers an elbow!!!!!
    • Michaels gets to his feet and goes for the superkick..
    • HHH blocks the superkick, reversing it into a pedigree!!
    • HHH covers Michaels for another two-count!
    • HHH tries again but its reversed..
    • Michaels hits the superkick on HHH, pins him! -- TRIPLE H IS ELIMINATED!
    • Michaels is the new World Champion!
    • Micheals celebrates in the ring as confetti and ticker tape falls from the roof!

  15. Fade to black....
    • Triple H was rushed to the hospital after the match with an unknown throat injury suffered when RVD frog splashed him..
    • Thanks to Daz for helping with Play-By-Play (Send Him Money)

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