November 19, 2000 - Tampa, Florida - Ice Palace - Survivor Series 2000 Image Gallery

  1. SIX MAN TAG: Steve Blackman, Crash & Molly Holly beat Test, Albert & Trish Stratus..

    ELIMINATION MATCH: 	-Billy Gunn			Chris Benoit
    		   	-Roaddog	     vs		Dean Malenko
    		   	-Chyna				Eddie Guerrero
    		   	-K-Kwik				Perry Saturn
    • Perry Saturn pinned Chyna (2:30)..
    • Billy Gunn pinned Eddie Guerrero (6:00)..
    • Chris Benoit pinned K-Kwik (7:12)..
    • Perry Saturn pinned Road Dogg (8:49)..
    • Billy Gunn pinned Dean Malenko (10:59)..
    • Chris Benoit pinned Billy Gunn (12:43)..
    • SURVIVORS: Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn..

  3. MATCH: Kane def Chris Jericho..

  4. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: William Regal def Hardcore Holly via DQ..

  5. MATCH: The Rock def Rikishi..

  6. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Ivory def Lita to retain..

  7. WWF TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle def The Undertaker when Eric Angle interfered..
    • Eric Angle was hidding under the ring and played a part in the finish of the match..

    ELIMINATION MATCH: 	-Buh Buh Ray Dudley		Edge
    			-D-Von Dudley	      vs	Christian
    			-Matt Hardy			Bull Buchanan
    			-Jeff Hardy			The Goodfather
    • Edge pinned Matt Hardy (3:59)..
    • Christian pinned D-Von Dudley (5:10)..
    • Buh Buh Dudley pinned Bull Buchanan (7:32)..
    • Buh Buh Dudley pinned Edge (8:06)..
    • The Goodfather pinned Buh Buh Dudley (8:40)..
    • Jeff Hardy pinned Christian (9:39)..
    • Jeff Hardy pinned The Goodfather (10:05)..
    • SURVIVOR: Jeff Hardy..

  9. NO DQ MAIN EVENT: Steve Austin vs Triple H went to a NO CONTEST..
    • The match ended when Steve Austin dropped the car Triple H was in from a crane..

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