August 3, 1997 - East Rutherford, New Jersey - The Continental Airlines Arena
[Summerslam 1997 Gallery]

  1. CAGE MATCH: Mankind def Hunter Hearst-Helmsley w/Chyna..
    • Mankind delivered a memorable leaping elbow off the top of the cage onto Hunter Hearst-Helmsley..

  2. MATCH: Goldust w/Marlena def Brian Pillman..
    • As stipulated, Brian Pillman must wear a dress on RAW and every week until he wins a match..

  3. TAG MATCH: The Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) def The Godwinn Cousins (Henry O. Godwinn & Phinias I. Godwinn)..

  4. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: The British Bulldog def Ken Shamrock by DQ to retain the European title..
    • The stipulation was that if the British Bulldog lost the match, he would be forced to eat some dog food..
    • The Bulldog put some dog food on Ken Shamrock, causing him to "snap" and go crazy on a crew of WWE referees..

  5. 8-MAN TAG TEAM MATCH: Los Boricuas def The Disciples of Apocalypse..
    • Los Borisuas = Savio Vega & Miguel Pérez Jr. & Jose Estrada Jr. & Jesus Castillo..
    • Disciples of Apocalypse = Crush (Brian Adams) & Chainz (Brian Lee) & 8-ball & Skull (The Harris Brothers)..

  6. IC TITLE MATCH: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def Owen Hart to win the Intercontinental title!
    • The stipulation was that if Steve Austin lost the match, he would be forced to kiss Owen Hart's butt..
    • Owen Hart pile-drove Stone Cold Steve Austin and landed wrong, resulting in a severe neck injury...
    • Despite suffering from partial paralysis, Steve Austin got up and finished the match as planned..

  7. WWF HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Bret "Hitman" Hart def The Undertaker to win the WWE Championship!
    • The stipulation was that is Bret Hart lost the match, he would never wrestle in American ever again!
    • Special guest referee Shawn Michaels accidently cracked The Undertaker with a steel folding chair..

  8. Fade to black.......

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