August 18, 1996 - Cleveland, Ohio - The Gund Arena - [Summerslam 1996 Gallery]

    • Todd Pettengill hosted a "Beach Blash" party backstage were a beach & pool was set up for the wrestlers..
    • FREE-FOR-ALL MATCH: Steve Austin def Yokozuna when the ring broke..

  2. OPENING MATCH: Owen Hart def Savio Vega..
    • Jim Cornette did not come out with Owen Hart since he was helping Vader prepare for his WWF title match..
    • The referee warned Owen Hart that he would get disqualified if he used his cast as a weapon..
    • Clarence Mason walked out to ringside to watch out for Owen Hart's interests..
    • Savio Vega went for a back suplex but Owen had his cast under Savio's head, knocking him out..
    • After the match, Justin Hawk Bradshaw came out and attacked Savio Vega..

  3. TAG TITLE 4WAY: The Smoking Gunns w/Sunny def Godwinns w/Hillbilly Jim and Bodydonnas and Rockers to retain..
    • The Bodydonnas were eliminated early, mostly due to Skip (who never got in the match) wearing a neckbrace..
    • The Rockers were eliminated next after Henry Godwinn gave one of them the Slop Drop..
    • The Godwinns were eliminated last with a little distraction from Sunny on the outside..

  4. MATCH: Sid def The British Bulldog..
    • Once again, Jim Cornette was not present at ringside because he was helping Vader prepare for his match..
    • Clarence Mason came down to ringside to watch over the Bulldog, but Jim Cornette ran down and yelled at him..
    • Jim Cornette claimed that Clarence Mason was trying to move in and take over his management duties..
    • The British Bulldog hit a running powerslam on Sid but was distracted by Cornette/Mason argueing and lost!

  5. MATCH: Goldust w/Marlena def Marc Mero w/Sable..
    • The story here is that Goldust & Marlena 'have eyes' for Sable and want to include her in their games..
    • Late in the match, Mankind came to ringside and stalked Sable around the ring, causing her to cry..
    • Marc Mero hit his new finisher "The Wild Thing" (a shooting star press) but still lost in the end..
    • After the match, Goldust forced himself on Sable, causing Marc Mero to come to her rescue..

  6. INTERVIEW: Todd Pettengill & Farooq Asaad & Sunny..
    • Farooq says there shouldn't even be a Tournament because he should be Intercontinental champion..
    • Sunny gives her "whatever Sunny wants, Sunny gets" speech saying Farooq is her modern day gladiator..

  7. MATCH: Jerry Lawler def Jake Roberts..
    • Olympian Mark Henry was introduced at the beginning of the match and he joined the announce table..
    • Jerry Lawler came out with a bag in his hand, and wearing a Baltimore Raven's jersey (the Browns moved to Baltimore)
    • Jerry Lawler bulls out Jake's tag team partners, Jack Daniels & Jim Bean (bottles of alcohol)..
    • Jerry Lawler acknowledges Mark Henry, saying if he won a Gold medel he'd probably go out and get it bronzed..
    • Jerry Lawler does his obnoxious stand up comedy routine before pulling a huge texas mickey out of the bag!
    • Jake Roberts took out his snake and put it on top of Jerry Lawler, who scurried out of the ring!
    • After Lawler won, he proceeded to pour alcohol down Jake Roberts' throat until Mark Henry made the save..

  8. BOILER ROOM BRAWL: Mankind def The Undertaker..
    • To win you had to escape the Boiler Room, and make your way out to the ring and retrieve the urn..
    • They brawled all throughout the boiler room area, including Mankind taking a bump off a ladder to the floor..
    • They brawled their way out to the arena floor and slowly inched towards the ring where Paul Bearer was waiting..
    • The Undertaker got into the ring first but Paul Bearer refused to hand over the urn!
    • Mankind got back up and put the Mandible Claw on the Undertaker, as Paul Bear started to laugh!
    • Paul Bearer turned on the Undertaker, bashing him over the head with the urn, and handing it over to MANKIND!

  9. FEDERATION TITLE MATCH: Shawn Michaels def Vader w/Jim Cornette to retain..

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