• August 21, 2005 - Washington DC - MCI Center;

    • Chris Masters def The Hurricane -Sunday Night Heat-;
    • Chris Benoit beat Orlando Orlando -US Title-;
    • Edge w/Lita beat Matt Hardy -Super Grudge Match-;
    • Rey Mysterio beat Eddie Guerrero -Ladder Match-;
    • Kurt Angle beat Eugene -Eugene Invitational-;
    • Randy Orton beat The Undertaker -Grudge Match-;
    • John Cena def Chris Jericho -WWE title-;
    • Batista beat JBL -No DQ for the World title-:
    • Hulk Hogan beat Shawn Michaels -Dream Match-;

  1. SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT: Hosted by Todd Grisham & The Coach..
    • INTERVIEW: Lillian Garcia & Kurt Angle (Says tonight is about righting an huge injustice)..
    • DivaSearch 2005 winner Ashley Massaro went outside to the lines to ask fans who will win the main event..
    • ~~~Ashley also asked Moolah & Mae Young their thoughts, Moolah picked Hogan, Mae Young picked HBK..
    • They showed clips of John Cena and Hulk Hogan presenting "Best Hissy Fit" at the Teen Choice awards..
    • Dominick arrived at the building with the social worker Ms. Crabtree before they showed highlights..
    • INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Orlando Jordan (Claims he is not nervous about his match with Chris Benoit)..
    • MATCH: Chris Masters def The Hurricane w/Rosey & Super Stacy..

  2. UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: Chris Benoit def Orlando Jordan to capture the United States title in 25 seconds!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Eddie Guerrero & Vicki Guerrero..
    • Eddie Guerrero's wife told him that he doesn't care about Dominick and is only doing this to hurt Rey..
    • Eddie Guerrero wasn't thrilled to hear his wife say this and went into an obsessed frenzy..

  4. GRUDGE MATCH: Edge w/Lita def Matt Hardy by referee stoppage due to Matt Hardy bleeding..
    • These two sworn enemies brawled for several minuted before Hardy got dropped head first on the ring post!
    • Edge further complicated things when he gave an already concussed Matt Hardy a stiff kick to the temple..

  5. LADDER MATCH: Rey Mysterio def Eddie Guerrero to win custody of Dominick!
    • Lots of high-risk stunts for this match making it the show-stealer of the night..
    • Dominick actually interfered in the match, preventing Eddie Guerrero climing the ladder..
    • Eddie Guerrero threatened to hit Dominick, but Rey Mysterio came to make the save for his son!
    • Eddie Guerrero later climbed up the ladder, which was pushed over by his wife Vicki!
    • Vicki Guerrero tackled Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio climbed the ladder and got the briefcase!
    • After the match, Rey Mysterio, and Angie and Dominick were reunited as a family again.....
    • Rey Mysterio re-entered the ring and knocked Eddie Guerrero out with the briefcase!

  6. NO TIME LIMIT MATCH: Kurt Angle def Eugene Dinsmore w/Christy Hemme to win back his Olympic Gold Medels!

  7. BACKSTAGE: The Divas + Vince McMahon..
    • The WWE Divas were in bikinis washing a "Presidential" limosine and lathering eachother up with soap..
    • The window rolled down and Vince McMahon popped his head out and said "Hey.... why not?" and smirked..

  8. SUPER GRUDGE MATCH: Randy Orton def The Undertaker with help from "Cowboy" Bob Orton!

  9. WWE TITLE MATCH: John Cena def Chris Jericho to retain the WWE title..

  10. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Batista def John Bradshaw Layfield to retain the World title..

  11. MAIN EVENT: Hulk Hogan def Shawn Michaels..
    • The first referee took a bump and everyone was caught looking for Bret Hart to show up..
    • Shawn Michaels put on a great performance and Hulk Hogan juiced like crazy for the match..
    • Shawn Michaels offered to shake hands after the match, which they did, so Michaels is back to being face!

  12. And that's a wrap folks...

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