World Wrestling Entertainment
~Showdown at Shae 1976~

June 25, 1976 - Flushing, NY - Shea Stadium drawing 32,000

  1. MATCH: Ivan Putski def Baron Mikel Scicluna..

  2. MATCH: Jose Gonzales vs Kevin Sullivan ended in a 20:00 draw..

  3. TAG TITLE MATCH: Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf def The Executioners to retain..

  4. WRESTLER VS BOXER MATCH: Andre the Giant def Chuck Wepner (1:15 - 3rd round) via countout..

  5. WWWF TITLE MATCH: Bruno Sammartino def Stan Hansen by COUNT OUT..

  6. WRESTLER VS BOXER MATCH: Antonio Inoki vs Muhammad Ali ended in a draw after 15 Rounds..
    • This occurred in Tokyo, Japan and was shown on closed circuit TV..
    • Due to time zone differences this match actually occurred on June 26, 1976..

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