January 20, 2002 - Atlanta, Georgia Phillips Arena - Royal Rumble 2002 Image Gallery

  1. WWF TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Tazz/Spike vs The Dudley Boyz.
    • D-Von attempted a flying headbutt from the top rope.
    • But Spike rolled out of harm's way and tagged in Tazz!
    • The man from Red Hook evened the score and got some help from his undersized partner.
    • That prompted Stacy to climb the ring apron and distract the referee, but it didn't have the desired effect.
    • Tazz soon locked on the Tazzmission and forced D-Von to tap out!

  2. INTERVIEW: Lilian Garcia & Edge.
    • Edge said that it was fine that William Regal wanted to play dirty.
    • He produced a steel chair and reminded everyone how he broke Regal's nose on it with a Edgecution.
    • If Regal wants to play dirty, Edge said he's up for the challenge.

  3. IC TITLE MATCH: Edge vs William Regal.
    • Regal got off to a fast start in this match.
    • Regal pounded on Edge, but could only produce a two count for his efforts.
    • Edge rebounded, though, and hit Regal with a unique backdrop.
    • Edge attempted to hit the Edgecution, but Regal turned the tables and latched on the Regal Stretch!
    • Edge refused to give in to the pain and finally grasped the rope to break the hold.
    • Once Regal let go, Edge gave his opponent a taste of his own medicine by stretching Regal!
    • Regal made his way to the rope and the action continued.
    • Regal tried to hit a backdrop from the top rope, but Edge pushed him off.
    • Edge followed with a leap off the top rope that stunned winded both men.
    • Edge then went to spear Regal, but Regal pushed the ref into the way to absorb the blow!
    • One down, Regal grabbed brass knuckles and smacked them into Edge!
    • Regal made the cover to win the IC TITLE!

  4. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & William Regal.
    • Cole asked Regal immediately after the match how he could accept the championship.
    • Regal said he was blessed with a powerful punch.

  5. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Jazz.
    • Jackie came to the ring next to serve as the special guest referee..
    • Trish sported a cast on her left wrist, the result of a brutal attack by Jazz last week.
    • Jazz picked up right where she left off by brutally beating the champion.
    • A sunset flip turned into a Jazz pin attempt, but Trish countered with a pin try of her own.
    • Soon after, Jazz and Jackie got into an argument and they exchanged shoves.
    • Jazz then rolled up Trish into a pin, but Jackie delayed her count, allowing Trish time to recover and kick out.
    • Soon after Trish hit a bulldog and nearly got the win, but Jazz kicked out.
    • Trish displayed her own toughness by kicking out after a tough DDT from Jazz.
    • Moments later, another Trish bulldog allowed the champ to retain her title!

  6. STREET FIGHT: Vince McMahon vs Ric Flair.
    • A jacked Vince McMahon flexed mightily after shoving Ric Flair to the mat.
    • Flair's technical prowess outshined Vince's muscles early on.
    • He trapped Vince in the corner and delivered a few searing chop shots to his partner's chest.
    • Vince responded by whipping Flair head over heels into the corner and knocking him outside the ring.
    • Vince smashed a street sign over Flair's head repeatedly.
    • Vince rooted around beneath the ring where he found a garbage can to smack over his Flair's head.
    • Vince threw Flair's bloody face into the ring post and then slammed him to the hard floor.
    • Vince then grabbed a camera from Flair's daughter, sitting at ringside..
    • Vince began snapping photos of himself with Flair's beaten, bloody face.
    • Once back in the ring, Vince threw on a leg lock.
    • He then smashed the leg repeatedly into the ring post.
    • Vince then went to lock on Flair's own signature Figure Four!
    • Vince executed the move, but Flair refused to tap out.
    • Flair eventually was freed of the move, but Vince wouldn't let up.
    • He went outside the ring and found a lead pipe similar to the one he assaulted Flair with last week.
    • But when he reentered the ring, Flair pounded a low blow onto Vince.
    • The action spread outside the ring with Flair now taking the upper hand.
    • He sprawled Vince out on the ring barrier and proceeded to clear the announce table.
    • Vince tried a counter-offensive but was crushed by a monitor that Flair threw at his head.
    • Flair, bleeding from an earlier wound, threw Vince back into the ring and laughed evilly as Vince begged for mercy.
    • Flair reacted by punching Vince in the head and delivering another low blow!
    • Flair then picked up the lead pipe and cracked it over Vince's skull!
    • Flair followed up with a Figure Four that made Vince scream in agony and made him tap out!

  7. INERVIEW: Michael Cole & Nick Patrick + Steph + Stone Cold.
    • Michael Cole asked Nick Patrick about the match earlier in the night when Stephanie McMahon interrupted.
    • She said that the beating Vince just took was nothing like what Triple H would do tonight.
    • She said she wished Debra would be at ringside so Stephanie could destroy her.
    • Austin snuck up on Stephanie and asked her WHAT!? she was talking about.
    • Stephanie soon fled in fear.
    • Austin said that he would throw every man over the top rope, including Triple H.

  8. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho vs The Rock.
    • Late in the match, The Rock surprised Jericho with a sharpshooter!
    • The Champion screamed in pain and began tapping out!
    • But the referee didn't see the action because Christian and Lance Storm came down and offered a distraction.
    • The Rock disposed of the men but found himself falling victim to his own Rock Bottom, delivered by Jericho.
    • That wouldn't be enough to def eat the People's Champion, though.
    • The Rock tossed Y2J through the ropes and continued an assault outside the ring.
    • Rock began clearing off the Spanish announce table.
    • He grabbed Jericho but was caught off guard and smacked into the hard wooden table.
    • Jericho then mounted the announce table with The Rock in tow.
    • He readied a Rock Bottom but absorbed the move himself when The Rock countered.
    • The action spread back inside the ropes.
    • The Rock went for a Rock Bottom but was turned into the Walls of Jericho!
    • The Rock's face turned red as he howled in pain, but he reached the ropes to break the hold.
    • The Rock nearly took home a win when Jericho turned an inside cradle.
    • Soon after, The Rock sprang off the ropes and tried to launch his body into Jericho but he met the referee instead.
    • Jericho knocked The Rock down and motioned for another referee.
    • Nick Patrick came down and began counting, but only got to two before The Rock kicked out!
    • Patrick was def initely on Jericho's side.
    • The Rock rolled up Y2J in a pin, but Patrick refused to count!
    • The Rock responded with a Rock Bottom to the ref and then with a People's Elbow to Jericho!
    • But there was no referee to count the ensuing pin attempt.
    • The Rock, visibly frustrated, tried to revive Earl Hebner.
    • Jericho hits The Rock with a low blow then pinned The Rock with his feet on the ropes for leverage.

  9. WWF NEW YORK: Shawn Michaels.
    • HBK predicts Stone Cold will win the Royal Rumble.

    • Goldust & Rikishi enter 1 & 2..
    • Goldust enters complete with Shattered Dreams Production music..
    • Goldust was in full effect..
    • Rikishi throws Goldust over the top rope twice but Goldust hangs on and slips back in..
    • Rikishi gives Bossman the stinkface..
    • Lance Storm has a poor outing :(
    • Undertaker enters at #8 and clears house.. eliminating everybody, he stands alone..
    • Each Hardy enters and they (joined by Lita) attack the Undertaker but are eliminated themselves.
    • While Undertaker stands alone, Tough Enough Champion Maven enters the Royal Rumble..
    • After a brief ass-kicking, Maven actually manages to ELIMINATE THE UNDERTAKER!!!
    • Undertaker goes on a rampage dragging Maven all through the arena beating the hell out of him..
    • Diamond Dallas Page gets a major pop from the crowd..
    • The Godfather appears with a dozen of his FINEST hoes..
    • Albert is eliminated Bushwacker style (a few seconds)..
    • Stone Cold enters at #19 and eliminates everybody leaving himself alone..
    • Triple H enters at #22, immediately locking eyes with Steve Austin..
    • The Hurricane enters and tries to chokeslam both Austin & HHH, but is eliminated himself..
    • Mr Perfect joins the match #25, and puts on a great performance..
    • Mr Perfect prooves is one of the best in Royal Rumble matches..
    • Kurt Angle enters at #26, goes right after Triple H..
    • Kane enters at #28 and doesn't last 2 minutes.. Kane fails to duplicate his 2001 Royal Rumble dominance..
    • RVD enters by frog-splashing Kurt Angle..
    • Booker T comes in and quickly eliminates Rob Van Dam..
    • Booker is them eliminated by Austin.. Shameful performance by Booker T..
    • FINAL FOUR: Austin, MrPerfect, Triple H, Kurt Angle...
    • Kurt Angle eliminates Austin..
    • Austin refuses to leave and beats on Angle & Perfect..
    • Austin brings a chair into the ring and knocks out all three remaining competitors..
    • Mr Perfect hits the PerfectPlex on Kurt Angle..
    • FINAL TWO: Triple H & Kurt Angle..
    • Angle backdrops HHH over the top rope, but HHH hangs on and pulls himself back into the ring..
    • Angle thinks he's won!!
    • HHH comes from behind and tips Angle over the tope rope to officially WIN the 2002 Royal Rumble!!

   1-Rikishi*				 (1-Big Bossman by Rikishi b4 #5 )
   2-Goldust* 	 			 (2-Lance Storm by Al Snow b4 #8 )
   3-Big Bossman*			 (3-Bradshaw by Goldust b4 #8 )
   4-Bradshaw*				 (4-Goldust by Undertaker b4 #9 )
   5-Lance Storm*			 (5-Al Snow by Undertaker b4 #9 )
   6-Al Snow*				 (6-Rikishi by Undertaker b4 #9 )
   7-Billy Gunn* 			 (7-Billy Gunn by Undertaker b4 #9 )
   8-Undertaker*			 (8-Jeff Hardy by Undertaker b4 #11 )
   9-Matt Hardy*			 (9-Matt Hardy by Undertaker b4 #11 )
  10-Jeff Hardy* 			(10-Undertaker by Maven b4 #12 )
  11-Maven	 			(11-Maven pulled from match by UT )
  12-Scotty Too Hotty	 		(12-DDP by Christian b4 #17 )
  13-Christian*	 			(13-Albert b4 #18 )
  14-Diamond Dallas Page*		(14-Godfather by Billy&Chuck b4 #18 )
  15-Chuck Palumbo*			(15-Scotty Too Hotty by Chuck b4 # )
  16-The Godfather* 			(16-Christian by Austin b4 #20 )
  17-Albert* 				(17-Chuck by Austin b4 #20 )
  18-Perry Saturn*			(18-Saturn by Austin b4 #20 )
  19-Steve Austin 			(19-Val Venis by Austin b4 #22 )
  20-Val Venis*	 			(20-Test by Austin b4 #22 )
  21-Test*	 			(21-Hurricane by HHH&SCSA b4 #24 )
  22-Triple H				(22-Farooq by Austin b4 #25 )
  23-Hurricane*	 			(23-Big Show by Kane b4 #29 )
  24-Farooq* 				(24-Kane by Angle b4 #29 )
  25-Mr Perfect	 			(25-Rob Van Dam by Booker T )
  26-Kurt Angle				(26-Booker T by Austin )
  27-The Big Show*			(27-Austin by Kurt Angle )
  28-Kane*				(28-Mr Perfect by HHH )
  29-Rob Van Dam*			(29-Angle by HHH! ) 
  30-Booker T 		   			WINNER: Triple H 

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