January 21, 2001
New Orleans, Louisiana.

Lo Down vs Kai En Tai
Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian
Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit (IC Title)
Ivory vs Chyna (WWF Women's Title)
Kurt Angle vs Triple H (Federation Title)
Royal Rumble Match featuring Steve Austin

Royal Rumble 2001 Image Gallery

  1. WWF Sunday Night Heat: Lo Down (D-Lo Brown & Chaz) def Kaientai (Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki)..
    • As stipulated, this allows one member of Lo Down to be entered into the Royal Rumble match..
    • Vince McMahon later informed Tiger Ali-Singh that his man was being bumped in favor of Drew Carey!

  2. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Dudley Boyz def Edge & Christian to win the Tag Team Titles!

  3. IC TITLE LADDER MATCH: Chris Jericho def Chris Benoit to win the Intercontinental Title!

  4. WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Ivory def Chyna to retain the WWF Women's Championship!
    • Chyna collapsed following a handspring elbow attempt and was carried out by EMT's to a waiting ambulance.

  5. WWF TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle def Triple H to retain the WWF Heavyweight Championship..
    • Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and Trish Stratus started fighting half-way through this Championship match..
    • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin came out after a ref-bump and knocked out Triple H with a belt-shot and a Stunner!

  6. ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH: Won by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!
Entrance Elimination
    1- Jeff Hardy 			(1- Buchanan by Matt & Jeff b4 #4)
    2- Bull Buchanan 	 		(2- Faarooq by Matt & Jeff b4 #5)
    3- Matt Hardy			(3- Matt by Jeff before #6)
    4- Faarooq 		 		(4- Jeff by Matt before #6)
    5- Drew Carey 			(5- Carey by himself before #8)
    6- Kane 	  			(6- GMS by Kane before #12)
    7- Raven 		 		(7- Blackman by Kane before #12)
    8- Al Snow 				(8- Snow by Kane before #12)
    9- Perry Saturn 			(9- Raven by Kane before #12)
   10- Steve Blackman 			(10- Saturn by Kane before #12)
   11- Grand Master Sexay 		(11- HTM by Kane before #13)
   12- The Honky Tonk Man 		(12- Goodfather by Rock before #15)
   13- The Rock 			(13- Tazz by Kane before #16)
   14- The Goodfather 			(14- Regal by Test before #23)
   15- Tazz 	     			(15- Test by Big Show before #24)
   16- Bradshaw 			(16- K-Kwik by Big Show before #24)
   17- Albert 				(17- Big Show by Rock before #24)
   18- Hardcore Holly 			(18- Bradshaw by UT before #26)
   19- K-Kwik 				(19- Crash by Kane before #26)
   20- Val Venis 			(20- Albert by Kane before #26)
   21- William Regal			(21- Hardcore by UT before #26)
   22- Test				(22- Venis by UT before #26)
   23- The Big Show 			(23- Scotty by Kane & UT before #27)
   24- Crash Holly 			(24- Haku by Austin)
   25- The Undertaker 			(25- UT by Rikishi)
   26- Scotty Too Hotty 		(26- Rikishi by Rock)	
   27- Steve Austin			(27- Billy by Austin)
   28- Billy Gunn 			(28- Rock by Kane)
   29- Haku				(29- Kane by Austin)
   30- Rikishi			   		(Winner: Steve Austin)
  • Comedian Drew Carey, put into the Rumble to hype his upcoming PPV comedy special, entered at #5. Entrants 1 & 3, Matt & Jeff Hardy, eliminated each other, leaving Carey alone in the ring. Kane then entered (#6). Carey offered to shake hands, then offered a cash bribe, but Kane hoisted him up, about to deliver a chokeslam, when entrant #7 (Raven) made the save.

  • The next section saw a lot of hardcore action, as Raven and Steve Blackman (#10) brought a lot of plunder out from under the ring.

  • The Honkey Tonk Man entered at #11. He addressed the crowd on the mic, and started to sing his theme song, but Kane grabbed his guitar and smashed it over his head, then dumped Honky over the top.

  • The ring was pretty full when the Big Show made a surprise return, entering at #23. Big Show tossed a few guys out, chokeslammed several others, only to be low-blowed and tossed out by the Rock (#13). Big Show snapped and pulled the Rock out, then chokeslammed him through the announce desk.

  • The Undertaker entered at #25 and cleared a lot of wrestlers out of the ring.

  • Steve Austin came out at #27, but was attacked by Triple H. Austin was left in a bloody heap in the aisle.

  • WCW Hardcore Champion Meng returned to the WWF as Haku in spot #29.

  • Rikishi entered at #30 and was attacked in the aisle by Austin, who finally made it to the ring. Austin then eliminated Haku. The final four were: Austin, the Rock, Kane and Billy Gunn (#28). Austin eliminated Gunn. Austin and Kane then combined to eliminate the Rock. That left Austin and Kane. Austin hit Kane with several chairshots, then threw him over the top rope to win the Rumble.

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