~Rebellion 1999~
October 2, 1999 - Birmingham, England - National Indoor Arena drawing 11,939 ($467,494)

  1. MATCH: Christian def Crash Holly..

  2. IC TITLE MATCH: Jeff Jarrett def D-Lo Brown to retain..

  3. MATCH: The Godfather def Gangrel..

  4. MATCH: Val Venis def Mark Henry..

  5. WOMENS TITLE 4-WAY: Ivory def Luna Vachon and Tori and Jacqueline to retain..

  6. MATCH: Chris Jericho def Road Dogg..

  7. IC TITLE MATCH: Chyna def Jeff Jarrett by DQ when The British Bulldog interfered..

  8. NO DQ MATCH: Kane def The Big Show..

  9. MATCH: The British Bulldog (Booed out of the building) def X-Pac..
    • The Bulldog spent the night demanding that Vince McMahon grant him a title shot in his home country..
    • The Bulldog stormed into McMahon's office and took a fit and accidentally hit Stephanie with a trash can!
    • Vince McMahon called for some EMTs and Stephanie was rushed to hospital by ambulance..

  10. TRIANGLE MATCH: Edge & Christian def Farooq & Bradshaw and Hardcore & Crash Holly..

  11. WWF TITLE CAGE MATCH: Triple H def The Rock to retain..
  12. And that's a wrap folks...

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