February 15, 2004 - San Fransisco, California - Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

HEAT: Tajiri/Sakoda/Akio def Dragon/London/Kidman

TAG TITLE MATCH: Scotty/Rikishi def The Bashams/Shaniqua

GRUDGE MATCH: Jamie Noble (blindfolded) def Nidia

TAG MATCH: Haas & Benjamin def The APA

MATCH: Hardcore Holly def Rhyno

CW TITLE MATCH: Chavo Guerrero def Rey Mysterio

#1 CONTENDERS: Kurt Angle def John Cena & Big Show

WWE TITLE MATCH: Eddie Guerrero def Brock Lesnar

PLUS: Bill Goldberg has a front row ticket!

  1. SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT: Tajiri & Akio & Sakoda def Ultimo Dragon & Paul London & Billy Kidman..

  2. TAG TITLE HANDICAP MATCH: Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty def the Basham Brothers & Shaniqua..
    • Rikishi gave Shaniqua a Samoan Drop followed by a Bonzai Drop for the victory to retain the championships..

  3. MATCH: Jamie Noble (blindfolded) def Nidia..
    • Jamie Noble pulled the blindfold off behind the referees back and slammed Nidia of the top rope..
    • Jamie Noble finished Nidia off with the Guillontine choke..

  4. TAG MATCH: Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas def The APA (Bradshaw & Farooq)..

  5. IN THE RING: Paul Heman & Brock Lesnar + Bill Goldberg + Hardcore Holly..
    • Bill Goldberg arrived and Brock Lesnar went to the ring and challenged Goldberg to get in the ring..
    • Bill Goldberg got up and took Brock Lesnar down with a Jackhammer, then got dragged out by security..
    • Hardcore Holly appeared and chased Brock Lesnar out of the area..

  6. MATCH: Hardcore Holly def Rhyno after the Alabama Slam..

  7. CW TITLE MATCH: Chavo Guerrero w/Chavo Sr def Rey Mysterio..
    • Chavo Sr. interfered, pushing Rey Mysterio off the top rope, and catching his throat on the top rope!
    • Chavo Jr. pinned Rey Mysterio to win the WWE Cruiserweight championship!

  8. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Kurt Angle def The Big Show & John Cena..
    • Kurt Angle dumped Big Show from the ring with a huge Angle Slam over the top rope!
    • Kurt Angle then made John Cen tape out by putting the anklelock on Cena' injured leg for the victory!

  9. WWE TITLE MATCH: Eddie Guerrero def Brock Lesnar to win the WWE title!!!!!!!!!
    • Bill Goldberg reappeared and speared Brock Lesnar during the match..
    • Eddie Guerrero hit a DDT and followed it with a Frog-splash and pinned him to win the WWE title!

  10. Fade to black....

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