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February 17, 2002 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Bradley Center - No Way Out 2002 Image Gallery

    • EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Diamond Dallas Page vs Big Bossman
      • DDP wins by DQ.
      • Bossman attacks DDP with nightstick after match.
    • Just before the PPV kicks off, Hogan, Hall & Nash are shown heading to the ring!

  2. PPV KICKOFF: The new World order.
    • The show opened with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Hollywood Hogan emerging from the TitanTron!
    • The charter members of the nWo made their way to the ring, where Nash took the microphone as the crowd cheered wildly.
    • Nash said they were there to set the record straight.
    • He said that when the trio arrived at the arena, they received a lot of heat with the boys backstage.
    • Nash said that in the last couple weeks, the nWo had been associated with words like "cancer" and "poison".
    • Some people, according to Nash, labeled the nWo a bunch of "company-killing bastards".
    • Nash said the group wanted a clean slate and the opportunity to prove to the fans the doubters wrong.
    • Scott Hall took the microphone next.
    • He said the three were really just a bunch of marks who wanted to take a few pictures...
    • ....get a few autographs and perhaps drink a few beers with the boys.
    • Deep down, Hall said, they were no different from anyone else and they didn't want any trouble.
    • Hogan then addressed the crowd and said he couldn't agree with Nash and Hall more.
    • He said they weren't there to kill the Federation, they were there to make it better.
    • Hogan asked the fans and the Federation Superstars to give them a chance.
    • Hogan credited Vince McMahon for being the first to give them the opportunity to come to the Federation.
    • "God bless Vince McMahon," Hogan said.
    • The three men then took their leave, with Jim Ross doubting the nWo's sincerity.

  3. TURMOIL: Hardyz v Dudleyz v Billy/Chuck v APA v Scotty/Albert v Storm/Christian.
    • Lance Storm & Christian vs Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty.
      • At one point, Scotty went to hit the Worm to finish of Christian, but Storm interfered and helped his partner pin Scotty!
    • Lance Storm & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz w/Lita.
      • Without delay, the Hardy Boyz rushed to the ring and dismantled Christian and Storm.
      • With Lita coaching from ringside, Jeff dropped Lance with a Russian Leg Sweep while Matt pounded on Christian outside the ring.
      • Soon after, Matt hit Storm with a Twist of Fate and Jeff followed with a Swanton Bomb and took the pin.
    • The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz w/Stacy.
      • The Dudley Boyz with Stacy Keibler entered the fray next.
      • The Hardy's picked up right where they left off with Jeff nailing the Poetry in Motion on Bubba Ray.
      • But the Dudleys stormed back, with D-Von earning a near fall on Jeff after a lateral press.
      • But the Hardys came back. Jeff dodged a flying elbow from Bubba Ray and tagged in Matt.
      • Matt dropped Bubba Ray with a DDT and landed a leg drop onto D-Von.
      • Matt was about to nail a Twist of Fate to finish off Bubba, but Stacy Keibler assaulted him!
      • Lita raced in and took down the Duchess of Dudleyville until Bubba Ray came to her aid.
      • When Bubba turned back to Matt, Lita climbed the top turnbuckle and hit him with a Litacanrana!
      • The high-flying continued with Jeff twirling a somersault plancha off the top turnbuckle to Bubba Ray outside the ring!
      • Meanwhile, Matt rolled up D-Von and pinned him for Team Xtreme's second win!
      • Afterward, though, the Dudley Boyz vented on Jeff by hitting him with a 3D onto the concrete floor surrounding the ring.
    • The Hardy Boyz vs Billy & Chuck.
      • The exhausted Hardys were no match for Billy and Chuck, who came down to the ring next.
      • Within a minute, Billy won the match with the Fame-Ass-Er!
    • Billy & Chuck vs The APA.
      • The APA sauntered into the ring next and a slugfest ensued.
      • Bradshaw caight Check with a fallaway slam and tagged in Faarooq.
      • But moments later, Bradshaw came back in and smashed Billy with a Clothesline From Hell that knocked his opponent head over heels!
      • All Bradshaw had to do was roll over and collect the pin to win Tag Team Turmoil and get a match at WrestleMania!
    • WINNERS: The APA.

  4. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Ric Flair.
    • An animated Flair said the nWo had some nerve to say what they said earlier.
    • Flair said there were plenty of men backstage ready to punish the nWo the minute they step out of line.

  5. MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Goldust.
    • Rob Van Dam stepped into the ring with Goldust for the second No Way Out match of the night.
    • RVD came right out and overpowered the Bizarre One with his unorthodox offense.
    • Goldust was forced to flee from the ring and regroup.
    • Goldust suddenly grabbed RVD and pulled him outside the ring, where the fight continued.
    • RVD smashed Goldust's head into the ring barrier, then climbed the ring skirt and hit his opponent with a flying spinning heel kick!
    • Goldust returned the favor moments later by landing a flying elbow onto RVD's head.
    • The action worked back inside the ropes shortly after.
    • Goldust set out to injure Van Dam's back.
    • He catapulted him into the ropes then locked him into a submission move that stretched RVD out.
    • At one point, RVD regained control when he dropped Goldust with a stiff kick to the abdomen.
    • He followed with a kick launched from the top rope but could only get Goldust's shoulders to the mat for a two count.
    • Not even a Rolling Thunder could get Goldust down for the count.
    • RVD tried to end things in a hurry, but Goldust moved out of the way of a Five-Star Frog Splash!
    • With RVD reeling from his errant finisher, Goldust signaled for the curtain call, but RVD countered with a spinning heel kick.
    • Shortly after, RVD lived up to his billing as Mr. Pay-Per-View by landing a Five-Star Frog Splash that put Goldust away!
    • WINNER: Rob Van Dam.

  6. BACKSTAGE: nWo & Stone Cold.
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin ran into the nWo backstage and all four men entered into a stare down.
    • Hall said they didn't want any trouble, and presented Austin with a six-pack of Steveweisers.
    • Stone Cold said he wasn't thirsty, but at Hall's urging, took the beer for later.
    • Instead, the Rattlesnake dropped the beer on the floor and stomped away.

  7. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Tazz/Spike vs Booker/Test.
    • Test set to work early on Tazz at the start, but the thug toughed it out and tagged in Spike.
    • Spike was def initely not the biggest man in the ring, but he managed to give Test and Booker T all they could handle.
    • He weaseled out of a Test powerbomb attempt and slugged Booker T.
    • The action went back and forth from there, with each team gaining the advantage.
    • Things seemed to be well in hand for Booker T as he sliced into Spike with a scissors kick, but he managed to tag in his partner to keep his team alive.
    • Tazz went for the Tazzmission, but Test avoided the maneuver, then fended off Spike's Dudley Dawg.
    • Shortly after, Test tried to pin Tazz, but the ref saw Test using the ropes for leverage!
    • Test argued angrily, which allowed Tazz to lock on the Tazzmission and make Test tap out!

  8. INTERVIEW: The Rock.
    • The Rock said that the Undertaker had no idea what it was like to be disrespected by The Rock.
    • For 10 days straight, The Rock said he had stayed home and thought about nothing but beating Taker's candy ass.
    • Tonight, The Rock said that Taker was exactly what he said he is: a Dead Man walking!

    • Edge came right out and took down William Regal, the def ending champion, with a backdrop.
    • Edge continued to assault his opponent and held control.
    • Edge actually managed to climb the ropes and get a finger on the suspended brass knuckles, but Regal knocked him down and took the fight outside the ring and into the crowd.
    • Edge continued to slap Regal around and eventually both men reentered the ring.
    • Regal mounted some momentum by locking Edge into a submission hold, but Edge countered and threw the Englishmen out of the ring.
    • Edge climbed toward the brass knuckles, but Regal knocked him down.
    • Regal continued to assault Edge both in and out of the ring.
    • Regal latched the Regal Stretch on Edge, who was now bleeding profusely from the mouth.
    • Edge endured the intense pain and reached the bottom rope to break the hold!
    • With Edge lying on the mat, Regal climbed the top turnbuckle but was knocked down hard by Edge.
    • Shortly after, Regal tried to powerbomb Edge on the ring skirt, but Edge countered and sent both men flying to the hard ground below.
    • Edge was the first one up, and he groggily made his way toward the brass knux.
    • Regal met him halfway and punched Edge repeatedly until he staggered off the rope.
    • Regal climbed toward the prize, but Edge stopped him with a super backdrop off the top rope!
    • Soon after, though, Regal produced his own pair of brass knux and cracked Edge in the head with them to retain his title!

  10. INTERVIEW: Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle said he was confident that Stephanie would do a fine job as the guest referee later on.
    • He also said he was confident in his chances because he was better than Triple H at everything.
    • He told Triple H that Stephanie lying about her pregnancy was the best news ever because the Game would have made a lousy father.
    • But that night, Angle said he would be Triple H's daddy and walk away with a title shot at WrestleMania!

  11. MATCH: The Undertaker vs The Rock.
    • The Rock smashed Taker's head into the announce table then cleared off the monitors.
    • But Taker caught him from behind and took over control.
    • The Dead Man stuck his boot onto The Rock's throat to choke him.
    • The fight spread to the back of the arena with Taker slamming Rock's head into a steel door!
    • Once back in the ring, Taker had trouble putting The Rock down for the count.
    • Not even a crushing DDT could do the trick.
    • The frustrated Taker picked Rock up and wrapped him into a bear hug.
    • Rock's eyes widened from the intense pressure, but he refused to submit.
    • The Rock mounted a huge really and slammed Taker with a spinebuster!
    • But when The Rock went for a People's Elbow, Taker sprung up and grabbed The Rock with a chokeslam!
    • The Rock averted the maneuver, but Taker caught him again moments later and this time connected!
    • But The Rock just could not be pinned!
    • Obviously frazzled, Taker left the ring and climbed on his motorcycle.
    • When The referee protested, Taker threw him into the steps and grabbed a steel pipe from his bike.
    • Suddenly, Ric Flair raced down and smacked Taker a few times.
    • Then the Dead Man returned the favor and smacked him down to the ground!
    • When Taker reentered the ring, Rock took him down and locked in the sharpshooter, but there was no referee to call for the bell!
    • Suddenly, Vince McMahon raced down just as the ref was reentering the ring.
    • Vince loudly distracted the ref.
    • Well The Rock had enough of these shenanigans, so he began assaulting Vince!
    • Before Taker could catch Rock from behind, Flair ambushed the Dead Man and smacked him with the lead pipe!
    • The Undertaker staggered directly into a Rock Bottom and lost the match!
    • WINNER: The Rock!

  12. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Triple H vs Kurt Angle.
    • The special guest referee for the next match, Stephanie McMahon, made her way into the squared circle.
    • Kurt Angle and Triple H followed and the match to decide who would become the No. 1 contender was set to begin.
    • Triple H launched into a heated argument with his former wife, which allowed Angle to roll him up quickly and Stephanie to start a quick count that the Game kicked out of.
    • Shortly into the match, Angle missed a clothesline attempt and knocked Stephanie over the top rope!
    • The referee lay unconscious on the ground outside the ring, but Triple H and Angle continued the fight.
    • More officials came down and carried Stephanie backstage while another took over responsibility for calling the match.
    • The Game and Angle each displayed their abilities, with each taking turns controlling the other.
    • The Game nearly got a pin following a bug spinebuster.
    • Shortly after, a face buster produced another pin attempt that Angle kicked out of.
    • Angle, realizing that he was in trouble, sprang of the ropes and knocked the referee down from behind!
    • He followed with a low blow to Triple and an Angle Slam!
    • Suddenly, Stephanie raced back to the ring!
    • She began counting, but Triple H kicked out!
    • Stephanie screamed for Angle to continue his bashing.
    • Angle went for the ankle lock, but Triple H kicked him right into Stephanie, who again went down!
    • Triple H managed to roll Angle up into a pin, but with two referees down, there was nobody to count!
    • Angle picked himself up and hit a German Suplex on the Game then brought a steel chair into play.
    • The Game dodged a wild swing and nailed a Pedigree on Angle!
    • Referee Tim White got to his feet and started counting, but Stephanie came alive and knocked him down and delivered a shot to the midsection!
    • Triple H caught Stephanie and set her up for a Pedigree, but two chair shots from Angle stopped him!
    • Angle followed with an Angle Slam and Stephanie happily slapped out a three count as her ex-husband lay broken and drooling on the mat!
    • WINNER: Kurt Angle!

  13. OUTSIDE: Kurt Angle.
    • Angle got in his car and made a hasty exit.
    • Before driving off, he told the parking attendant to tell anyone looking for him that he is going to WrestleMania!

  14. BACKSTAGE: nWo & The Rock.
    • The nWo found The Rock.
    • Hogan asked for a picture with The Rock because he was his son's favorite wrestler.
    • Rock turned to Scott Hall and told Razor Ramon to take the camera and shove it.
    • He then turned to Kevin "Diesel" Nash and told him where to stick it.
    • Finally, he told Hogan to take the camera, shine it up, eat his vitamins and jam it!

  15. UNDISPUTED TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • Jericho showed no respect for Austin.
    • He stood eye to eye with him in the center of the ring and flipped him the bird!
    • Austin returned the favor then the men locked up and began to throw down.
    • Austin chased Y2J around the ring, finally catching the champ and deliver several slaps across the chest, each one punctuated with shouts of "What?" from the crowd.
    • The fight spread up the entrance ramp to the TitanTron, where Stone Cold tossed the champ into the side of a tractor trailer being used as part of the No Way Out set.
    • When the action worked back to the ring. Austin continued to dominate.
    • Jericho soon showed why he is the Undisputed Champion.
    • He took Austin down and tried to turn him into the Walls of Jericho!
    • Austin frantically managed to free himself, but Y2J stayed in command.
    • He flung Austin out of the ring and nearly clobbered him with a steel chair.
    • But the ref took away the weapon before it could inflict any damage.
    • Back in the ring moments later, Austin caught Y2J on his back and tried to put the champ in the Walls of Jericho!
    • When he couldn't execute the move, he settled for flinging Y2J into the turnbuckle.
    • A powerslam shortly after nearly caused the title to change hands, but Jericho kicked out and stayed alive.
    • The crowd would soon see the Walls of Jericho as the champion locked the challenger in the feared submission hold.
    • Austin used every bit of energy he could muster to crawl over and grab the rope to break the hold.
    • The referee inadvertently got in the way and had the wind knocked out of him, which allowed Jericho to bring the Championship belt into the ring.
    • But the strategy worked against him as Austin gave him a spinebuster onto the jagged gold Title!
    • Within moments, Austin had Y2J locked in the Walls of Jericho and Y2J started tapping!
    • But the referee was struggling to catch his breath!
    • Austin then knocked Jericho down with a Stone Cold Stunner when suddenly Hogan, Hall and Nash raced down and beat the stuffing out of the Rattlesnake!
    • After all that tomfoolery, Jericho rolled over onto Austin just as the ref caught his bearings.
    • The ref counted three and Jericho once again held onto his title.
    • Afterward, Hogan, Hall and Nash delivered a more savage beating to Austin.
    • Hogan reached beneath the ring apron and produced two cans of spray paint that he handed to his cohorts.
    • Hall and Nash branded the beaten Rattlesnake with the nWo insignia as No Way Out drew to a close!

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