June 27, 1999 - Greensboro, North Carolina - Greensboro Coliseum

  1. QUARTER FINAL MATCH: X-Pac def Hardcore Holly by disqualification..

  2. QUARTER FINAL MATCH: Kane def The Big Show..

  3. QUARTER FINAL MATCH: Mr. Ass (Billy Gunn) def Ken Shamrock due to referee stoppage..
    • Ken Shamrock was attacked by Steve Blackman earlier on HEAT causing the internal bleeding..

  4. QUARTER FINAL MATCH: The Roaddog def Chyna w/Triple H..
    • Triple H continually interfered on Chyna's behalf so commissioner Shawn Michaels came down to stop him..

  5. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: The Hardy Boyz w/Michael Hayes def The Brood (Edge & Christian) w/Gangrel..

  6. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon + Shawn Michaels..
    • Vince McMahon says that since Shane McMahon cannot compete, then he will have a 'suitable replacement' tonight..
    • Commissioner Shawn Michaels came out and tried to overturn but ended up getting manipulated..

  7. SEMI FINAL MATCH: Mr. Ass (Billy Gunn) def Kane..

  8. SEMI FINAL MATCH: X-Pac def Roaddog and shook hands after the match..

  9. WWF TITLE MATCH: The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer def The Rock to retain..
    • The Undertaker & Paul Bearer took out several referees in the opening moments of the match!
    • Late in the match the refere got knocked down again and the Rock had Undertaker pinned..
    • Paul Bearer gave Undertaker an ether-soaked cloth, but the Rock got it and mashed it Undertaker's face!
    • Triple H ran down and gave The Rock a pedigree and ran back as the referee awoke..
    • The Undertaker followed up with a tombstone piledriver for the victory to retain his title!

  10. KOTR FINALS: Mr. Ass (Billy Gunn) def X-Pac to win the King of the Ring crown!

  11. LADDER MATCH: Shane & Vince McMahon def Steve Austin..
    • A briefcase hung above the ring, holding documents that would make the winner the CEO of the WWF..
    • Vince McMahon introduced Steve Blackman as his "suitable replacement" for the injured Shane McMahon..
    • A hidden camera shows Shane McMahon and the Mean Street Posse gloating about outsmarting Commissioner HBK..
    • Shane McMahon tried to bolt out of the arena but Shawn Michaels caught him and dragged him to the ring..
    • Shawn Michaels ordered Steve Blackman to return backstage and Shane McMahon to get in the ring..
    • There were about twenty ladders elaborately stacked in the ilseway which eventually were used as weapons..
    • Steve Austin laid out both McMahons and purposely collapsed the entire stack of ladders on top of them!
    • Steve Austin crashed Shane McMahon through the spanish announce table with a rattlesnake elbow off the ladder!
    • Vince McMahon pushed Steve Austin off a ladder, causing him to bounce off a second announce table!
    • Vince McMahon climbed the ladder and almost got his hand on the breifcase before Austin slammed off off!
    • Steve Austin was about to win the match when someone raised the briefcase out of Steve Austin's reach!
    • A few minutes later, Shane McMahon climbed up the ladder as the breifcase was lowered for him..
    • Pre-match stipulations forced Austin to relinquish his position as CEO of the WWF back to the McMahons..

  12. And that's a DAMN wrap!

King of the Ring Tournament Brackets:
-Mr. Ass (Billy Gunn)
 vs			-Mr. Ass (Billy Gunn)
-Ken Shamrock
					-Mr. Ass (Billy Gunn)
 vs			-Kane
-The Big Show
						-Mr. Ass (Billy Gunn)
-X-Pac 						   1999 King of the Ring
 vs			-X-Pac
-Hardcore Holly (dq)
-Road Dogg
 vs			-Roaddog

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