June 23, 2002 - Columbus, Ohio - Nationwide Arena .
King of the Ring 2002 Image Gallery
  1. SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT: Jonathan Coachman & DLo Brown..

    • PARKING LOT: Jamie Noble & Nidia.
      • Jamie Noble & Nidia arrive at the arena in a beatup truck..
      • Jamie tells Nidia that after tonight they'll be riding in style..

    • RECAP: Hurricane/Noble fued..

    • INTERVIEW: Terri & Ric Flair..
      • Flair says that he has gone on record saying he has ONE GREAT RUN left..
      • Flair says he's gotta prove to all the fans that he is still the nature boy..
      • Whhoooooo!

    • REPLAY: Rock's speech on RAW.

    • INTERVIEW: Jerry Lawler interviews Molly Holly..
      • Molly says she will restore dignity to the WWE Womans title..
      • Lawler asks Molly about the Divas ligerie special on Tuesday..
      • Molly says that she turned down the offer to compete..
      • Lawler says something that implied Molly had a big butt..
      • Molly storms off..

    • RECAP: Hogan/Angle fued..

    • REPORT: Chris Jericho at the NHL awards in Toronto..

    • OUTSIDE: The Rock arrives to the arena..

    • MATCH: The Hardy Boyz def Raven & Steven Richards..
      • Raven walks out on Richards...

  2. KING OF THE RING SEMI-FINAL MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam.
    • Midway through the match, RVD tried a Five-Star Frog Splash..
    • Y2J shoved the ref into the ropes to knock RVD down.
    • Y2J removed the cover off one of the turnbuckles.
    • The ref had to replace the padding, missing RVD's pin attempt!
    • Jericho managed to put the Walls of Jericho on Van Dam
    • RVD grabbed the bottom rope to break the hold.
    • Y2J tried to set up a superplex, but was thrown to the mat.
    • That allowed RVD to hit his Frog Splash for the win!
    • Rob Van Dam advances to the King of the Ring Tournament Final!

  3. INTERVIEW: Jerry Lawler & Rob Van Dam.
    • Van Dam said he wasn't afraid of facing Test or Brock Lesnar in the final.
    • While he was talking, Jericho attacked him and locked on the Walls of Jericho.
    • Y2J refused to let go!

  4. LOCKER ROOM: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar.
    • Heyman tried to psych up Brock Lesnar for his match with Test.
    • Heyman told Brock that he is the Next Big Thing..
    • Heyman says that he will be the next King of the Ring!

  5. KING OF THE RING SEMI-FINAL MATCH: Test vs Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman.
    • Test struck down Brock with several stiff clotheslines
    • Test continued to take it to Brock.
    • Lesnar countered by ramming his shoulder into Test's gut in the corner.
    • Lesnar slammed Test with a powerful suplex and followed with a back breaker.
    • Test bounced Brock off the ropes, but only received a powerslam for the effort.
    • Test whacked Lesnar with a Big Boot to Brock's jaw.
    • Lensar managed to get his shoulder up at the last instance!
    • Paul Heyman stepped onto the ring apron and took a swing at Test.
    • That allowed Brock to sneak up and hit the F5 on Test!
    • Lesnar covered up his opponent and got the three-count!
    • Brock Lesnar advances to the King of the Ring Final against RVD!

  6. INTERVIEW: The Coach & Bubba Ray Dudley.
    • Coach looked to get predictions from superstars on their picks to win the finals.
    • Bubba said it was great that two superstars from RAW were in the finals.
    • Bubba felt that Brock Lesnar had too much power for Van Dam.

  7. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & Christian / Lance Storm.
    • Storm & Christian said that WWE is prejudiced against Canadians.
    • Christian said that the entire world hates America.
    • Lance said they need to carry the flag of civility, tolerance and peace.

  8. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: The Hurricane vs Jamie Noble w/Nidia.
    • Nidia comes out wearing the Hurricane's green cape..
    • The Hurricane got into trouble when he started chasing after Nidia.
    • Noble cut down the champion with a clothesline outside the ring.
    • Noble continued to hold control, locking The Hurricane in an abdominal stretch.
    • Hurricane tried to retrieve his cape, but Nidia jerked it away.
    • Hurricane responded with a crossbody onto Noble outside of the ring.
    • Noble attempted to superplex THe Hurricane onto the the outside of the ring
    • Hurricane instead dropped a huge neckbreaker from the top rope!
    • Nidia tried to step in and help out, but she got blindsided accidentally by Noble.
    • Hurricane chokeslammed the challenger, but Noble managed to kick out.
    • Noble slapped Hurriane with a powerbomb and rolled up the champ.
    • The Hurricane appeared safe after getting his foot on the rope..
    • Nidia shoved it off and Noble got the pin to become the new CW Champion!

  9. INTERVIEW: Terri & Eddie Guerrero..
    • Terri asks Eddie Guerrero about Ric Flair.
    • Eddie said he first said hi to some family members, listing a few dozen names..
    • Eddie said that he's in the best shape of his life.
    • Eddie said that Flair can't do half the moves that Latino Heat can.

  10. MATCH: Eddie Guerrero vs Ric Flair.
    • Guerrero mimicked Flair's strut early on..
    • Flair picked Guerrero up into the air and held him for several moments.
    • Flair then suplexed him to the mat!.
    • A while later, Guerrero locked Flair into the figure four!
    • Guerrero missed a Frog Splash on the nature boy!
    • Flair then locked a figure four of his own onto Guerrero..
    • Chris Benoit made his way to ringside and watched the action intently. .
    • Guerrero tossed Flair from the ring and distracted the ref.
    • This allowed Benoit to attack. .
    • Benoit put the Crippler Crossface on Flair, who screamed in pain. .
    • The ref saw this and went out to order Benoit back to the locker room. .
    • Bubba Ray Dudley stormed into the ring and nailed Guerrero with a Bubba Bomb!.
    • When the ref returned, Bubba had exited but Flair had draped himself over Guerrero.
    • Ric Flair gets the three count!

  11. WWE WOMENS TITLE: Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly..
    • A few minutes into the match, Molly climbed the top turnbuckle.
    • Trish caught her flipping her back into the ring with a modified hurracanrana.
    • Trish went for the Stratusfaction, but Molly pushed her off.
    • Molly countered with a belly to belly suplex. .
    • Molly jerked on Trish's tights to gain enough leverage for a 3count!.
    • Molly Holly becomes the new WWE Women's Champion!

  12. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt asked what Hulk Hogan ever did to become an American hero.
    • Hogan was an American Hero because Vince told him he was going to be one.
    • Kurt said he was going to make Hogan tap like Mr. Bojangles on speed.

  13. MATCH: Hulk Hogan vs Kurt Angle.
    • Early on, Hulkster smashed Angle's face into the ring barrier.
    • Angle managed to storm back, dropping the Hulkster with a belly to back suplex. .
    • He followed that with an Angle Slam, but miraculously, Hogan kicked out after two!.
    • Angle whined to the referee while Hogan Hulked up. .
    • He bounced Angle off the ropes and hit a boot to the face! .
    • Hogan then took Angle's wig off to reveal his smooth, bald cranium. .
    • Embarrassed, Angle turned and walked up the entranceway to grab a steel chair..
    • Angle went to nail Hogan, but the Hulkster ducked.
    • The chair bounced off the ropes and into Angle's face! .
    • But Hogan found himself in the ankle lock soon after. .
    • The pain was visible on Hogan's face, but he sucked it up. .
    • He tried to reverse several times, but Angle kept applying the pressure.
    • Finally, Hogan tapped out! .
    • Angle strapped his wig back on and celebrated in the center of the ring.

  14. BACKSTAGE: Goldust & Booker T.
    • Goldust attempted his best impressions of The Rock to Booker T...
    • Suddenly the Rock came in and showed Goldust how it was really done..
    • The Rock said that there was no way Goldust could ever be him. .
    • Booker said The Rock didn't have to worry about Goldust.
    • Instead, he should be concerned with the five-time WCW Champion; Booker T!
    • Booker said the two never saw eye to anything.
    • But Booker was down with what The Rock said last week on RAW. .
    • The Rock said he was there for one reason; to watch the WWE Title match..
    • The Rock needed to stop several times, as Goldust kept trying his impressions.

  15. KING OF THE RING FINALS: Brock Lesnar vs Rob Van Dam.
    • Lesnar began by overpowering RVD and bossing him around the ring. .
    • RVD struck back with a couple of kicks followed by Rolling Thunder..
    • RVD tried for his Five-Star Frog Splash and nailed it!
    • But Heyman whiplashed RVD on the top rope. .
    • RVD tried a springboard lateral press.
    • Brock caught him in midair and whirled off the F5! .
    • Brock Lesnar pinned Van Dam to become the 2002 King of the Ring!

  16. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & The nWo.
    • Triple H met the nWo backstage on his way to the ring. .
    • The Game embraced his old friends Kevin Nash, X-Pac and Shawn Michaels. .
    • Nash told Triple H that if he needed them tonight, they'd be there for him..

  17. MAIN EVENT: Triple H vs The Undertaker.
    • HHH started off by knocking Taker down with a series of shots to the head. .
    • Taker thrust Triple H into the corner and delivered several punches to his abdomen. .
    • Taker smashed Triple H with a guillotine leg drop off the ring apron. .
    • Triple H fought back with a suplex to the hard floor outside the ring. .
    • But a leg drop onto Triple H's throat back in the squared circle ended that rally..
    • HHH hit a spinebuster that knocked Taker senseless. .
    • A high knee that connected with Taker's chin earned The Game a two-count. .
    • Referee Earl Hebner got trapped in the corner and was smashed by both men. .
    • Suddenly, The Rock came down to the announce table...
    • Rock sends Paul Heyman - who had been doing some commentary - scurrying.
    • With the referee still down, the Undertaker went and grabbed a steel chair. .
    • He didn't get to use it initially, as Triple H knocked it from his hands. .
    • Outside the ring, Taker nailed The Rock with a cheap shot!
    • The Rock swong a chair at Taker, but wound up hitting Triple H by accident!
    • Back in the ring, Taker decked a bloody Triple H with the Last Ride. .
    • A second referee dashed into the ring to officiate the action. .
    • But after counting to two on the pin attempt, Triple H kicked out!
    • The ref was thrown from the ring by Taker!
    • Suddenly, The Rock dashed in and Rock Bottomed Taker before making his exit..
    • Three battered men lay in the ring.
    • Slowly, Triple H collected himself and draped his arm over Taker.
    • Hebner came to his senses and began to count, but Taker awoke after a two-count..
    • The Game scored a Pedigree to again put Taker sprawled on the mat.
    • The ref couldn't count right away as he was still dealing with his own pain.
    • Triple H attempted to help him, but Taker caught him with a low blow.
    • Taker rolled up The Game and got the pinfall to retain his title!

  18. POST MATCH: Undertaker, Rock & Triple H.
    • Rock stormed back to the ring and delivered a People's Elbow to the Undertaker!
    • Rock then consoled HHH, who grabbed Rock and struck him with a Pedigree!
    • Taker managed to collect himself and chokeslammed The Game!
    • Dead Man Inc. celebrated by holding the WWE Championship high over his head..

  19. King of the Ring Brackets: (View Staff Predictions)
     vs 		-XPac
    	 	vs		-Rob Van Dam
    -Rob Van Dam
     vs  		-Rob Van Dam
    -Eddu Guerrero
    				vs		-Rob Van Dam
     vs 		-Val Venis
    -Val Venis
    		vs 		-Chris Jericho
    -Chris Jericho
     vs 		-Chris Jericho
    -Edge (forfiet)
           		                             	vs     -Brock Lesnar!
    -Test							 2002 KotR
     vs 		-Test
    		vs 		-Test
    -Hardcore Holly
     vs  		-Hardcore Holly
    				vs		-Brock Lesnar
    -Booker T					
     vs 		-Booker T
    -William Regal
    		vs 		-Brock Lesnar
    -Brock Lesnar
     vs 		-Brock Lesnar
    -Bubba Dudley 

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