June 24, 2001 - East Rutherford, New Jersey - Continental Airlines Arena

    • Spike Dudley challanges his brothers to a Tag Title Match on the PPV.
    • Shane McMahon arrives at the Building, and is greeted by Test.
    • Buh Buh & DVon accept Spike's challenge.
    • Christain is complaining about his road to the KOTR, Edge tells him to stop whining.
    • The show was thrown over to J.R. and Paul Heyman, who broke the news of a rumor that had either Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho jumping to Shane McMahon's WCW if one of them won the Federation Championship!
    • EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Matt Hardy w/ Lita vs Just Credible
      • Lita his the hurancanrana on Credible.
      • Matt retains his title.


  3. IN THE RING: Diamond Dallas Page.
    • DDP says that Taker should be thanking him for only showing the PG tapes.
    • Claiming to have a "private collection" of Sara video.

  4. KOTR SEMI-FINALS: Kurt Angle def Christian
    • Shane McMahon HELPS Angle win. (?)

  5. RINGSIDE: Diamond Dallas Page
    • As Diamond Dallas Page sat in the front row, Paul Heyman went over to him and told him his actions were a bit brazen. As DDP answered, footage aired of Page while he dined! Page said he didn't think the footage was funny, and he didn't appreciate his personal life being shown like that!

  6. KOTR SEMI-FINALS: Edge def Rhyno

  7. BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho
    • As Chris Jericho prepared for his match, Tazz asked him about the rumors of him going to WCW. Jericho said that he was absolutely aware of the rumors, but he was absolutely not aware that everyone else knew of those rumors.

  8. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Dudley Boyz def eat Spike Dudley and Kane
    • Spike introduces KANE as his suprise partner.
    • Dudleyz put the 3D on spike for the pin.
    • Dudleyz attack Kane, but Kane puts Buh Buh through the table.

  9. RINGSIDE: Diamond Dallas Page
    • As Diamond Dallas Page sat at ringside, more footage aired of Page as he conducted his personal business! DDP demanded for Taker to come out to the ring immediately!

  10. KOTR TOURNIMENT FINAL: Edge def eats Angle.
    • Christian distracts the Referee when Edge was tapping to the AnkleLock.
    • Shane McMahon appeared and speared Kurt Angle.
    • Edge gets up and hits the Impaler for the win.
    • WWF 2001 King of the Ring.. EDGE!!

  11. BACKSTAGE: Chris Benoit
    • In the back, Tazz asked Chris Benoit if there was any truth to the WCW rumors flying around. Benoit said that was a very good question.

  12. BACKSTAGE: Edge
    • Coach asked Edge how it felt to be King of the Ring, when Christian came up, telling him if he only came to the ring to help him earlier.

  13. LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Jeff Hardy def eats XPac
    • X-Pac nailed Jeff with an X-Factor, and the ref counted to three! He then realized Jeff had his foot on the rope, so the match continued!
    • Jeff climbed up to the top rope, hit X-Pac with a Swanton Bomb to retain his Championship!

  14. BACKSTAGE: Austin & Regal
    • In Commissioner Regal's office, Stone Cold called Vince McMahon and told him of the WCW/Benoit/Jericho rumors. Regal got on the phone and backed up Austin's claims. Stone Cold grabbed the phone and told Vince he needed him, and that he could make it in time from Greenwich. Austin then hung up after thanking Vince.

  15. RINGSIDE: Diamond Dallas Page vs Undertaker
    • More footage aired of Dallas Page as he conducted personal business, as DDP fumed.
    • Page climbed over the security walls and entered the ring again. He demanded that Undertaker show his face immediately! After more goading, and more footage of Page was shown, and then it was revealed that it was Sara who had aired the footage! She told Page that it was time for him to become famous!
    • Taker comes out slowly.
    • The two begin to brawl, no referee in sight.
    • Sara was there taping every moment.
    • DDP jumped over the top rope, and then he jumped the barricade and made a hasty exit from the building! Undertaker and Sara celebrated in the ring!

  16. STREET FIGHT: Kurt Angle def eats Shane McMahon.
    • Brutal BloodBath.
    • Angle grabbed a piece of lumber and started pounding on Shane, and then propped the board as a platform! He and Shane stood on the platform on the top rope and Angle slammed him into the ring, where Kurt pinned Shane to win the match!
    • After the Street Fight, the crowd gave Shane McMahon a standing ovation as he left the ring.

  17. PARKING LOT: Steve Austin
    • In the parking area, Stone Cold Steve Austin awaited the arrival of Vince McMahon when he was informed that he needed to go to the ring for his match.

  18. TRIPLE THREAT HW TITLE MATCH: Austin def eats Jericho & Benoit
    • At first, Jericho & Benoit gang up on Austin.
    • Soon Jericho & Benoit are fighting eachother.
    • Outside the ring, Stone Cold grabbed a steel chair. As Austin went after both Chrises, WCW Champion Booker T entered the arena and slammed Stone Cold through the Spanish announce table!
    • With all three men motionless in the ring, Austin crawled over to Chris Benoit and covered him for the win!

  19. King of the Ring Brackets:
     vs 		-Angle
    	 	vs		-Angle
     vs  		-J.Hardy
    				vs		-Angle
    -Big Show						
     vs 		-Big Show
    		vs 		-Christian
     vs 		-Christian
    -Rhyno 							 2001 KotR
     vs 		-Rhyno
    		vs 		-Rhyno
     vs  		-Tajiri
    				vs		-Edge
     vs 		-Saturn
    		vs 		-Edge
     vs 		-Edge
  20. End of the evening....

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