~Jacques Rougeau Retirement Show~
October 21, 1994 - Montreal, Quebec - Montreal Forum drawing 16,843 ($214,000)

  1. MATCH: Adam Bomb def Kwang (aka Savio Vega)..

  2. TAG MATCH: The Bushwhackers (Luke & Butch) def Well Dunn (Timothy Well & Steven Dunn)..

  3. IC TITLE MATCH: Razor Ramon def Jeff Jarrett to retain..

  4. MATCH: Irwin R. Schyster def Bob Holly..

  5. WWF TITLE MATCH: Bret "Hitman" Hart def Jim "The Anvil" Niedhart to retain..

  6. CASKET MATCH: The Undertaker def Yokozuna..

  7. MATCH: Diesel def Headshrinker Sionne (aka Barbarian)..

  8. RETIREMENT MATCH: Jacques Rougeau Jr. def Pierre Oulette..

  9. GUESTS: Killer Kowalski, Pat Patterson, Armand and Jacques Rougeau Sr..

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