In Your House 20:
No Way Out of Texas

February 15, 1998 - Houston, TX - Compaq Center drawing 16,110 ($241,992)
No Way Out 1998 Image Gallery

  1. TAG MATCH: The Headbangers beat Marc Mero & Goldust..

  2. MATCH: Blackjack Bradshaw beat Jeff Jarrett via DQ..

  3. MATCH: The Godwinns beat The Quebecers..

  4. MATCH: Taka Michinoku beat El Pantera..

  5. MATCH: Kane beat Vader..

  6. MATCH: Ken Shamrock/Ahmed Johnson/DOA beat The Nation of Domination..

  7. MAIN EVENT: Steve Austin/Owen Hart/Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie beat HHH/New Age Outlaws/Savio Vega..
  8. And that's a wrap folks...

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