~Insurrection 2000~
May 6, 2000 - London, England - Earl's Court drawing 17,000

  1. Too Cool beat Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn (7:00) when Sexay pinned Saturn.

  2. Kane pinned Bull Buchanon (3:31).

  3. Road Dogg pinned Bradshaw (5:58).

  4. Kat beat Terri in an "arm wrestling" match. After the match, Kat exposed her breasts to the crowd.

  5. The Big Show & Rikishi beat The Dudleys (7:10) when Show pinned Buh Buh.

  6. Kurt Angle pinned Chris Benoit (6:04).

  7. The British Bulldog pinned Crash Holly (3:37) to win the WWF Hardcore Title.

  8. Matt & Jeff Hardy beat WWF Tag Champs Edge & Christian (12:53) via DQ.

  9. WWF European Champ Eddie Guerrero pinned Chris Jericho (12:56).

  10. WWF World Champ The Rock beat Shane McMahon & Triple H (14:47) in a "triangle" match when he pinned McMahon.
  11. And that's a wrap folks...

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