~Breakdown 1998~
September 27, 1998 - Hamilton, Ontario - Copps Coliseum drawing 17,405 ($322,099)

  1. DARK MATCH: Golga (John Tenta) def Headbanger Mosh..

  2. TAG MATCH: Matt & Jeff Hardy def Mens Teioh & Sho Funaki..

  3. TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: 8Ball def Billy Gunn and Skull..

  4. MATCH: Owen Hart def Edge..

  5. TAG MATCH: Al Snow & Too Cold Scorpio def Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor..

  6. MATCH: Marc Mero def Darren Drosdov..

  7. FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH: Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw def Vader..

  8. MATCH: D-Lo Brown def Gangrel..

  9. TRIPLE THREAT CAGE MATCH: The Rock def Ken Shamrock and Mankind..

  10. MATCH: Val Venis def Dustin Runnels..

  11. 6-MAN TAG: Billy Gunn & Jesse James & X-Pac def Jeff Jarrett & Southern Justice..

  12. TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: The Undertaker and Kane def Steve Austin..
    • This was a 3-WAY for the WWF championship which saw Kane & Taker both pin Stone Cold in the end..
    • Vince McMahon came down and confiscated the WWF championship belt and declared the title vacant!
    • Steve Austin chased Vince out to the parking lot where Vince gave Austin the finger and left in his limo!

  13. FADE TO BLACK....

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