• Val Venis beat Matt Hardy -HEAT-;
    • Shelton Benjamin def Ric Flair;
    • Jonathan Coachman def Tajiri;
    • Chris Jericho def Christian & Trish Stratus;
    • Victoria def Lita -Womans title-;
    • Randy Orton def Mick Foley -Hardcore Rules-;
    • Rosey & Hurricane def La Resistance;
    • Edge (returning) def Kane;
    • Chris Benoit def Triple H & Shawn Michaels;

  1. SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT: Hosted by The Coach & Al Snow..
    • The Coach cuts a promo on Tajiri, and Al Snow seems upset and lacking loyalty for his broadcast partner;
    • BACKSTAGE: La Resistance complains to Eric Bischoff, who books them into a match with Hurricane & Rosey;
    • INTERVIEW: Ric Flair says that he received 16 stitches after last weeks RAW, one for each World title;
    • HEAT MATCH: Val Venis def Matt Hardy Version-1;

  2. OPENING MATCH: Shelton Benjamin def Ric Flair..
    • Shelton Benjamin finished Ric Flair off with a clothesline from the top rope..

  3. CHALLENGE MATCH: Jonathan Coachman def Tajiri..
    • Garrison Cade showed up and sucker-punched Tajiri and The Coach won with a schoolboy rollup..

  4. HANDICAP MATCH: Chris Jericho def Christian & Trish Stratus..
    • Chris Jericho was announced as being from Winnipeg, Manitoba (instead of the usual Manhatten, New York)..
    • Chris Jericho catapulted Christian into Trish and pinned him after a running enzuguiri..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Eugene Dinsmore + WWE Divas + William Regal..
    • Eugene wondered around backstage looking at his copy of the WWE Divas Magazine..
    • Eugene stumbled into the Divas locker room and saw Gail Kim in her underwear and Molly without her wig!
    • William Regal showed up and pulled Eugene away from the screaming Divas..
    • Editor's Note: Why was Gail Kim in her underwear? Why was she even in the building? Same with Molly..

  6. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Victoria def Lita to retain the Woman's title..
    • Victoria pinned Lita with an inside cradle to win the match..
    • Gail Kim & Molly Holly (oohhh that's why) hit the ring after the match and attacked Victoria & Lita..

    • Mick Foley came out wearing his "Most Wanted" Cactus Jack ring attire..
    • Match included trash cans, a barbed wire bat, a bed of barbed wire, and a pile of thumbtacks..
    • Mick Foley hit his famous roaring elbow off the ring apron onto Randy Orton on the floor..
    • Mick Foley tried to light the barbed wire bat on fire but Eric Bischoff came out and threatened to DQ him..
    • Randy Orton threw powder in Mick Foley's face and slammed him onto the bed of barbed wire!
    • Randy Orton took a bump into thumb tacks and had thumb tacks in his back, arms & hands the rest of the match..
    • Randy Orton countered the Mr. Socko Clawhold with a low-blow, and then turned it into an RKO!
    • Randy Orton hit a SECOND RKO on Mick Foley on a barbed wire bat for the win (retains IC title)!
    • Triple H said at the end that Randy Orton went from being a legend killer to a legend..

  8. INTERVIEW: Triple H..
    • Triple H said that lightning wouldn't strike twice and that he would walk away with the World title tonight..

  9. TAG MATCH: The Hurricane & Rosey def La Resistance (Sylvian Grenier & Rob Conway)..
    • Eugene Dinsmore came out and bounced off the ropes until William Regal came and rescued him..

  10. MATCH: Edge def Kane..
    • The story here is that Edge is not allowed to use his cast (on his arm) as a weapon..
    • Edge wins after a low-blow, a shot with the cast behind the refs back, and then hitting a spear on Kane!
    • There were lots of "We Want Bret" and "You Screwed Bret" chants during the match directed towards Earl Hebner..

  11. WORLD TITLE 3-WAY: Chris Benoit def Shawn Michaels & Triple H to retain the World title..
    • Chris Benoit wins by making Shawn Michaels tap out to the Sharpshooter (playing off of Montreal Screwjob)..
    • The referee was Earl Hebner by the way........

    • Chris Benoit got on the microphone and yelled at Shawn Michaels that he "screwed Bret Hart, and tapped out"..
    • Chris Benoit challenged Shawn Michaels to a 5-minute match, but Michaels walked out instead..
    • Triple H got to his feet and said HE didn't tap out, so Benoit gave him the crossface and he tapped out!

  13. And the PPV comes to a close..

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