World Wrestling Entertainment
Armageddon 1999
December 12, 1999 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
NCR Center drawing 15,749 ($402,413)
Armageddon 1999 Image Gallery

  1. TAG TEAM BATTLE ROYAL: The Acolytes (Farooq & Bradshaw) won..
    • Participants: The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz, The Holly Cousins..
    • Participants: Edge & Christian, Too Hot (Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor)..
    • Participants: Mark Henry & The Godfather, The Mean Street Posse (Rodney & Pete Gas)..

  2. MATCH: Kurt Angle def "The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman..

  3. 4-WAY EVENING GOWN POOL MATCH: Miss Kitty def Ivory and B.B. and Jacqueline to win the title!
    • May Young & The Fabulous Moolah were guest referees for the match..
    • After The Kat won the match, she pulled her top off and exposed her breasts to the audience!

  4. TAG MATCH: The Holly Cousins (Hardcore & Crash) def Viscera & Rikishi..

  5. EUROPEAN TITLE 3-WAY: Val Venis def The British Bulldog and D-Lo Brown to win the title!

  6. STEEL CAGE MATCH: Kane def X-Pac..

  7. IC TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho def Chyna by Submission to win title!

  8. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Rock & Mankind def The New Age Outlaws by DQ to retain..

  9. WWF TITLE MATCH: The Big Show def The Big Bossman..

  10. MAIN EVENT: Triple H def Vince McMahon in a match that lasted almost 30:00..
  11. FADE TO BLACK....

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