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  1. August 7, 2004--WWC in Ciales, Puerto Rico before 400 fans: Maniac def Bad Boy, Delta Force def Brent Dail & Demolition X, Rico Suave def Chris Joel, Carlos Colon & Chicky Starr def Super Gladiador & Bronco, Diabolico def Alex Montalvo, Atletico NC Ely Rodriguez..

  2. August 21, 2004- 31st Anniversary Show in Caguas, PR: Kid Kash def Maniac to win the World Junior Heavyweight title, Rico Suave def Mike Youngblood, El Cabellero Misterioso def Dallas, Vengador Boricua def Super Gladiator, Delta Force def Alex Montalvo & Chris Joel to win the Tag Team titles, Chicky Starr def Diabolico, Eric Alexander def Abyss, Abdullah the Butcher vs Nene ended in a NO CONTEST (Abby retains Universal title), Hurricane Castillo def Bronco I by DQ, Carly Colon def Eddie Colon..

  3. August 28, 2004--WWC in Carolina, PR: Brent Dail def Draco Lee, Chris Joel def Maniac, Erick Alexander def Rebelde, Mike Youngblood def Super Gladiador, Carlos & Eddie Colon DDQ Delta Force, Chicky Starr def Rico Suave-DQ, Huracan Castillo def Bronco-DQ..

  4. September 3, 2004--WWC in Canovanas, Peurto Rico: Man In Black def Blue Shadow, Brent Dail def Maniac, Bad Boy def Demolition X, Da Beast (I'm guessing this is the OVW guy since he was Carly Colon's tag partner) def Eric Alexander-DQ, Rico Suave & Diabolico def Chris Joel & Alex Montalvo, Super Gladiador NC Huracan Castillo, Chicky Starr def Bronco I, Eddie Colon & Mike Youngblood def Delta Force..

  5. September 11, 2004--WWC in Guynabo, Puerto Rico: Alex Montalvo def Brent Dail, Chris Joel & Bad Boy def Maniac & Draco Lee, Mike Youngblood & Eric Alexander def Delta Force, Caballero Negro def Rico Suave-DQ, Super Gladiador DDQ Vengador Boricua, Eddie Colon def Joey Matthews, Huracan Castillo def Bronco I-DQ, Chicky Starr def Diabolico..

  6. September 12, 2004--WWC in Villalba, Puerto Rico: Eric Scorpion def Bolo the Red Bulldog, Rico Suave def Demolition X, Brent Dail def Dean Rosa, Huracan Castillo def Super Gladiador, Eddie Colon def Joey Matthews, Chicky Starr def El Diabolico, Caballero Negro def Maniac, Delta Force def Bad Boy & Alex Montalvo..

  7. October 1, 2004--WWC in Aibonito, PR: Brent Dail & Bad Boy def Maniac & Carlos Flores, Mike Youngblood def Cannon, Rico Suave def Alex Montalvo, Wizard def ?, Eddie Colon DDQ Bronco I, Diabolico def Chicky Starr-DQ..

  8. October 8, 2004--WWC in Villalba, Puerto Rico: Bolo the Red Bulldog def Eric Scorpion, Brent Dail def Rebelde, Diabolico def Eric Alexander, Super Gladiador def Chicky Starr-DQ, Eddie Colon & Huracan Castillo def Jim Steele & Bronco I, Caballero Negro def Maniac, Mike Youngblood def Exus, Delta Force def Alex Montalvo & Bad Boy..

  9. October 9, 2004--WWC in Gurabo, PR: Maniac def Bad Boy, Brent Dail def Alex Montalvo, Super Gladiador def Bakano, Caballero Negro def Rico Suave-DQ, Eddie Colon NC Jim Steele, Huracan Castillo def Bronco I-DQ, Delta Force def Eric Alexander & Mike Youngblood, Chicky Starr DDQ Diabolico..

  10. October 15, 2004--WWC in Santa Isabel, PR: Eric Scorpion def Bolo the Red Bulldog, Maniac def Bad Boy, Rico Suave def Brent Dail, Eric Alexander def Diabolico, Bronco I def Mike Youngblood, Eddie Colon def Super Gladiador, Delta Force def Alex Montalvo & John Blake, Huracan Castillo def Jim Steele..

  11. October 16, 2004--WWC in Gurabo, PR: Maniac def Bad Boy, Brent Dail def Alex Montalvo-DQ, Caballero Negro def Rico Suave, Eddie Colon def Jim Steele, Chicky Starr & Carlos Colon def Super Gladiador & Diabolico, Eric Alexander def Viper, Mike Youngblood def Cannon, Bronco I def Huracan Castillo..

  12. October 23, 2004--WWC in Camuy, PR: Bad Boy def Maniac-DQ, Genesis def Carmen, Eric Alexander def Viper, Alex Montalvo def Brent Dail to win jr. title, El Bronco I B Eddie Colon to win Puerto Rican title, Chicky Starr & Huracan Castillo def Diabolico & Super Gladiador, Cabellero Negro def Rico Suave..

  13. November 5, 2004--WWC in Guayama, PR: Brent Dail def Bad Boy, Delta Force def Demolition X & Mike Youngblood, Caballero Negro def Bronco II, Joey Matthews def Alex Montalvo, Abdullah the Butcher DDQ Eddie Colon, Bronco def Mr. Hughes, Huracan Castillo & Chicky Starr def Diabolico & Rico Suave..

  14. November 6, 2004--WWC in Guaynabo, PR: Bronco II def Bad Boy, Genesis & Brent Dail def Carmen & Maniac, Caballero Negro def Rico Suave, Alex Montalvo def Joey Matthews, Abdullah the Butcher DDQ Mr. Hughes, Angel def Ely, Eddie Colon def Bronco I to win Universal title, Eric Alexander & Mike Youngblood & Chicky Starr & Huracan Castillo NC Diabolico & Super Gladiador & Viper & Cannon..

  15. November 27, 2004--WWC in Anasco, PR: Brent Dail def Alex Montalvo, Exxus def Demolition X, Diabolico def Victor Jovica, Huracan Castillo def Balls Mahoney, Eddie Colon def Bronco-DQ, Maniac & Black Rose def Angel Rodriguez & Genesis, Chicky Starr & Castillo DCOR Tahitian Warrior & Delta Force Viper..