World Wrestling All-Stars
May 21, 2003 - Sydney, Australia

  1. IN THE RING: Bret Hart..
    • Bret Hart appeared and gave a speech at the start of the card..

  2. CRUISERWEIGHT TOURNIMENT: Chris "The Future" Sabin def Frankie "The Future" Kazarian..

  3. MATCH: Konnan pinned Disco Inferno..

  4. HARDCORE MIDGETS: Teo def Puppet & Meatball..
    • After the match, Shane Douglas came out and demolished the midgets..
    • Shane Douglas then demanded to be put in the main event between WWA champ Sting and Rick Steiner..
    • Promoter Andrew McManus agreed and the match was signed..

  5. CRUISERWEIGHT TOURNIMENT: Jerry Lynn def Johnny Swinger..

  6. HARDCORE MATCH: Crowbar def Mark Mercedes (Aussie wrestler)..

  7. MATCH: Sabu beat Joe E. Legend..

  8. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE FINAL: Jerry Lynn def Chris Sabin to win belt!

  9. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Sting beat Rick Steiner & Shane Douglas..
    • Sting pinned Shane Douglas after hitting the scorpion death drop..

  10. And that's a wrap..

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