World Wrestling All-Stars
December 8, 2002 - Belfast, Ireland - Odyssey Arena
Announcers: Jeremy Borash & Simon Siamond + Disco Inferno

  1. FOUR-WAY MATCH: Shark Boy beat "Spyder" Nate Webb & Frankie Kazarian & Johnny Swinger..
    • After the match, Midajah entered the ring and teased taking her top off..
    • Perry Saturn came out and destroyed all four guys and left with Midajah..

  2. IN THE RING: Commissioner Mike Sanders + Joe E. Legend..
    • Joe E Legend came out and blah blah blah we have a match for later on..

  3. TAG MATCH: Norman Smiley & Konnan beat Disco Inferno & Malice..

  4. HARDCORE MIDGETS: Teo beat Puppet..
    • Teo came off the top rope onto Puppet who was underneath about six chairs and a road sign..
    • Disco Inferno joins Borash for commentary, replacing Simon Diamond..

  5. MATCH: Mike Sanders beat Joe E Legend after the sweet chin music..

  6. HARDCORE MATCH: Sabu beat Perry Saturn w/Midejah..

  7. MAIN EVENT: Lex Luger & Sting beat Jeff Jarrett & Buff Bagwell..
    • With an added stipulation that the WWA and NWA titles were on the line (if Luger or Jarrett got pinned)..

  8. And that's a wrap..

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