World Wrestling All-Stars
November 30, 2002 - London, England
Announcers: Andrew McManus & Disco Inferno & Konnan

  1. OPENING MATCH: Shark Boy def . Frankie Kazarian..

  2. MATCH: Johnny Swinger def . Nate Webb..
    • Webb was attacked by Perry Saturn so Mike Sanders ordered Swinger to face Norman Smiley..

  3. MATCH: Norman Smiley def . Johnny Swinger..

  4. MATCH: Konnan vs Disco Inferno ended in a double dq..
    • Winner got to do commentary for the rest of the night..
    • They both ended up doing commentary..

  5. HARDCORE MIDGETS: Teo def Puppet (Midejah referee)..
    • Saturn attacked the midgets and left with Midejah..

  6. MATCH: Mike Sanders def . Joe E. Legend..

  7. TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Sabu def . Simon Diamond & Perry Saturn..

  8. MAIN EVENT: Sting & Nathan Jones def . Malice & Buff Bagwell..

  9. **** Lex Luger no-showed and was announced to be out with an 'injury'..
  10. And that's a wrap..

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