World Wrestling All-Stars
November 28, 2002 - Dublin, Ireland
Announcers: Andrew McManus & Disco Inferno..

  1. OPENING MATCH: Shark Boy def Spyder "Nat" Web..

  2. IN THE RING: Mike Sanders + Joe E. Legend..
    • Disco explains that Sid is no longer the WWA commissioner, and has been replaced by Mike Sanders!
    • Sanders comes out and bitched about Scott Steiner signing with WWE..
    • Sanders announced that there was going to be a hardcore midget match with Midajah as special guest referee..
    • Sanders also announced Sabu vs Simon Diamond and Malice & Bagwell vs Luger & Sting..
    • Sanders also said that they would crown a new champ at the Glasgow PPV..
    • Joe E Legend came to bitch about not been mentioned as a title contender..
    • Joe E said he trained Edge and Christian, that he slapped Kurt Angle back stage once..
    • Sanders announced a match between he and Legend later on in the show..

  3. MATCH: Konnan def Norman Smiley..

  4. MATCH: Nathan Jones & Frankie Kazarian def Disco Inferno & Johnny Swinger..

  5. HARDCORE MIDGETS: Teo def Puppet in a Hardcore match with Midejah as referee..
    • Perry Saturn ran in and laid the midgets out before kissing Midajah and forcing her to become his valet..

  6. MATCH: Mike Sanders def Joe E Legend..

  7. TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Sabu def pery Saturn & Simon Diamond..
    • Teo and Puppet had ran in and laid out Saturn!
    • Teo and Puppet also attacked Midajah and ripped her top off..
    • Saturn covered her with a towel and brought her to the back..

  8. IN THE RING: Disco Inferno.
    • Disco confirmed with McManus that Jeff Jarett was joining the WWA in Belfast..

  9. MAIN EVENT: Sting & Lex Luger def Buff Bagwell & Malice..
  10. And that's a wrap..

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