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  • August 3, 2005--WEWF in Bethnal Green, East London: Thunderball def Scott Miller, Burgerman & Electro def Moynul Hye & Monzul Hye in a TLC match, Riviera def Danny to capture the vacant British title in a No Holds Barred match, The Stingers def The Comante Brothers in a #1 Contenders match..

  • August 17, 2005--WEWF Wrestling in London, England at the Canal Club: The Asian Sensation def Scott Miller, Riviera def Hagi by Submission to retain the British title, Goldpack & Jamezon def Night Train & Darkside to retain the Tag Team titles, Burgerman def Danny (w/Dean "The Nytemare" Saliba), Formula def Matthew Sinclair and Daryl Jolson and Electro in a #1 Contenders 4-WAY..

  • August 24, 2005--WEWF - Ragnarok in London, England: Giant Axeman def Scott Miller, The Asian Sensation def Night Train and Danny and Matthew Sinclair in a Battle Royal to win the Eurpa Title, Goldpack & Jamezon def The Stingers and Moynul Hye & Monzul Hye and The Comante Brothers in a 4-WAY, Riviera def Daryl Jolson with Wayne "The Animal" Saliba as special guest referee, David Miller def Electro in a #1 Contenders "Loser Leaves Town" match, Formula (w/Dean "Nytemare" Saliba) def Burgerman..

  • August 31, 2005--WEWF in Bow, East London from The Gun Wharf: Matthew Sinclair def Scott Miller, The Stingers & The Giant Axeman def Moynul Hye & Monzul Hye & Abdul Hye, The Asian Sensation def Darkside to retain the Europa title, Goldpack & Jamezon def The Comante Brothers to win the Tag Team titles, Burgerman def Riviera, Formula & Danny (w/Dean the Nytemare Saliba) def David Miller & Daryl Jolson..

  • September 7, 2005--WEWF in East London: Daryl Jolson def Riviera for the British title, Dean "Nytemare" Saliba & Danny def The Stingers, The Asian Sensation def Hagi and Daryl Jolson and Slavo Tankos in a 4-WAY to retain Europa title, Burgerman won a #1 Contenders Battle Royal (Wayne "The Animal" Saliba by everybody, KZMC by Burgerman, Hagi by Burgerman, Dean "Nytemare" Saliba by Burgerman, Darkside by David Miller, Scott Miller by David Miller, Sting Stire by Matthew Sinclair, The Asian Sensation by Riviera, Slavo Tankos by Goldpack, Night Train by Riviera, Daryl Jolson by Riviera, Matthew Sinclair by Goldpack & Jamezon, Jamezon by Danny, Goldpack by Burgerman, Danny by Burgerman, David Miller by Riviera, Riviera by Burgerman)..

  • September 14, 2005--WEWF in East London: Sting Stire def Hagi & Scott Miller in a 3-WAY, Jamezon def Matthew Sinclair, Valhalla (Morten Jacobsen & Anders Martinpelto) def Night Train & Darkside, The Asian Sensation def Slavo Tankos to retain the Europa Title, Goldpack def Daryl Jolson for the British Title, David Miller & Riviera def Danny & Wayne "The Animal" Saliba & Dean "Nytemare" Saliba in a Handicap match, Formula & Burgerman def The Comante Brothers..

  • September 21, 2005--WEWF in East London: Slavo Tankos def Darkside, The Wierd def Scott Miller by DQ, Sting Stire won a Gauntlet match to win the Europa title (Moynul Hye def Monzul Hye, Night Train def Moynul Hye, Night Train def Hagi, Night Train def KZMC, The Asian Sensation def Night Train, Sting Stire def The Asian Sensation, Sting Stire def Abdul Hye), Daryl Jolson def Goldpack to win the British title, Daryl Jolson & Matthew Sinclair def Goldpack & Jamezon to win the Tag Team titles (Jamezon & Goldpack stole belts afterwards), Danny & David Miller & Wayne Saliba & Dean Saliba def Riviera & Giant Axeman & Valhalla (Morten Jacobsen & Anders Martinpelto), Burgerman def Formula to win the World title in a Blood vs. Blood match..

  • September 28, 2005--WEWF - Wayne Saliba Memorial Show in East London: Scott Miller def The Wierd, The Comante Brothers (KZMC & Hagi) def John Olajubu & Prince Rufus (w/Leon Walls), Abdul Hye def Anthea Scott in an intergender match, Daryl Jolson & Matthew Sinclair (Champions) def Goldpack & Jamezon to reclaim the stolen Tag Team title belts, Danny def Riviera after interference from Formula, Wayne Saliba tribute (Guest speakers included President Barry Arslan and some of the Saliba Family members), Burgerman def The Asian Sensation in a Non-Title Match, David Miller def Formula in a #1 Contenders No-Holds Barred match after interference by Riviera..

  • October 5, 2005--WEWF in East London at the Pie In The Sky Cafe: Daryl Jolson def Elvis Parsley (Matthew Sinclair dressed as Elvis); Darkside def The Wierd and Slavo Tankos in a 3-WAY; Abdul Hye & Moynul Hye & Monzul Hye & Siren def John Olajubu & Prince Rufus & Leon Walls & Anthea Scott; Jamezon def Sting Stire for the Europa Title after Goldpack interfered, Formula & Danny def Riviera & The Asian Sensation; David Miller def Burgerman for the World Title (2 of 3 Falls Match).

  • October 12, 2005--WEWF - Bonded By Blood in East London at The Canal Club: Scott Miller def Prince Rufus by DQ, The Wierd def Slavo Tankos, Valhalla def The Comante Brothers, John Olajubu w/Leon Walls def Abdul Hye, Jamezon def Sting Stire to retain the Europa Title, Daryl Jolson & Matthew Sinclair attacked Goldpack, Danny (sub for Goldpack) def Daryl Jolson for the British Title, No.1 Contender's Tournament: Riviera def Asian Sensation to advance to final, Formula def Giant Axeman. (Formula def Riviera in final to become the No.1 Contender.) Burgerman def David Miller for the World Title..

  • October 26, 2005--WEWF - Bonded By Blood in East London from Newington Green: "Mad Dog" James McGill def Ricardo Alvaro, Dean "Nytemare" Saliba def The Wierd, Jamezon def Night Train to retain Europa Title, Valhalla def Daryl Jolson & Matthew Sinclair for the Tag Team Titles, Danny won a 4-Way over Slavo Tankos, Bobby Myers and Big John Olajubu to retain British Title, Riviera def David Miller, Asian Sensation def Formula after Burgerman interfered

  • October 26, 2005--WEWF in Alkham Road, London: Slavo Tankos def "Def Metal" Mark Grazoff, Valhalla def Dean "Nytemare" Saliba & Mad Dog Jason McGill, Asian Sensation won a battle royal for No.1 Contendership (Giant Axeman by Riviera & David Miller, Bobby Myers by Naught, Ricardo Alvaro by Big John Olajubu, Big John Olajubu by Sting Stire, The Wierd by Matthew Sinclair & Daryl Jolson, Sting Stire by Matthew Sinclair & Daryl Jolson, Daryl Jolson by Matthew Sinclair, Moynul Hye by Riviera, Monzul Hye by Naught, Matthew Sinclair by Danny, Jamezon by Danny, David Miller by Naught, Scott Miller by Naught, Goldpack by Naught, Naught by Riviera, Danny by Asian Sensation, Riviera by Asian Sensation.) Formula & Burgerman for the world title ended in a double count-out; Burgerman retains title by def ault.

  • November 16, 2005--WEWF in London, England from TKO Muay Thai Academy before 300 fans: "Def Metal" Mark Grazoff def Ricardo Alvaro, Sting Stire def Scott Miller & Moynul Hye in a 3-Way, Dean "Nytemare" Saliba def Jamezon to win the Europa Title, Unknown def Matthew Sinclair, Naught def Danny to win the British Title in a no-holds barred match; Riviera, WEWF President Barry Arslan & Daryl Jolson def Formula & David Miller, Burgerman def Asian Sensation to retain the world title.

  • November 20, 2005--WEWF in London, England from Alkham Road Sports Centre before 180 fans: Moynul Hye & Monzul Hye def Valhalla, Night Train def Bobby Myers, Naught def Big John Olajubu, 8-man tag match: Formula, Danny & The Comante Brothers def Mad Dog Jason McGill, Ricardo Alvaro, Daryl Jolson and Matthew Sinclair, Asian Sensation def Slavo Tankos.

  • November 27, 2005--WEWF in London, England from The Rowley Centre before 240 fans: Elvis Parsley (Matthew Sinclair dressed as Elvis) def The Wierd and Mark Grazoff in a 3-WAY, Dean "Nytemare" Saliba def Sting Stire to retain the Europa title, David Miller & Riviera won a Tag Gauntlet match for the Tag Team Titles (Jamezon & Goldpack def Daryl Jolson & Ricardo Alvaro, David Miller & Riviera def Jamezon & Goldpack, David Miller & Riviera def Moynul & Monzul Hye, David Miller & Riviera def The Comante Brothers, David Miller & Riviera def Valhalla), Burgerman & Asian Sensation (w/WEWF President Barry Arslan) def Danny & Formula after interference by Dean "Nytemare" Saliba.

  • December 4, 2005--WEWF- Redemption in Hertfordshire, England at the Spotted Dog before 400 fans: Darren Barr def The Wierd, The Bracegirdle Brothers (Billie & Richie & Johnnie) def Moynul Hye & Monzul Hye & Abdul Hye in a "Brotherly Love" Match, Tag champs David Miller & Riviera hired Valhalla to stand in in tag title match as both wrestlers were in the main event. Valhalla def The Comante Brothers in subsequent match after David Miller & Riviera interfered, David Miller & Riviera beat up Valhalla afterwards and took the belts. Naught def Scott Miller to retain British Title, Team A def Team B in special 10-Man Tag match (Team A = Ricardo Alvaro, Mad Dog Jason McGill, Bobby Myers, Daryl Jolson & Russell Plant; Team B = Slavo Tankos, Mark Grazoff, Giant Axeman, Night Train & Elvis Parsley), Sting Stire def The Asian Sensation & Dean Saliba to win the Europa title, Burgerman def Formula and David Miller and Riviera in a 4-WAY Ladder Match (Valhalla, Asian Sensation & Danny all interfered at some point.)

  • December 18, 2005--WEWF "Redemption" Tour in Bedfordshire England from Graham's Field: President Barry Arslan made changes to the card. (Matthew Sinclair replaced Daryl Jolson to take on Formula, therefore Danny/Sinclair match became Danny/Jolson). Darren Barr def Russell Plant (awesome match!!), Dean "Nytemare" Saliba (w/Richie Bracegirdle) def Scott Miller, Billie & Johnnie Bracegirdle def Goldpack & Jamezon by DQ, Danny def Daryl Jolson, Matthew Sinclair def Formula after interference by Danny backfired (Formula turned on Danny after the match but Dean "Nytemare" Saliba made the save). David Miller & Riviera def Valhalla to retain the Tag Team titles.

  • January 8, 2006--WEWF from Hatfield, Hertfordshire before 500+ fans: President Barry Arslan stripped David Miller & Riviera of the tag team titles and ordered a title match between #1 contenders The Bracegirdle Brothers & and 2 battle royal winners (TBA); Goldpack & Russell Plant won subsequent battle royal to become tag title contenders. Asian Sensation def Mark Grazoff; Goldpack def The Bracegirdles in a handicap match to become the tag team champions after Russell Plant no-showed; Sting Stire def Mystery Man to retain the Europa title - Note: Mystery Man laid down allowing Sting Stire to cover him for the pin, he then unmasked himself as President Barry Arslan, and fired David Miller, Riviera, and The Asian Sensation. Daryl Jolson def Darren Barr in 2 out of 3 falls match, Formula def Danny, Matthew Sinclair def Burgerman for the World Title.

  • January 15, 2006--WEWF in East London in front of 300+ fans: President Barry Arslan threatened Burgerman & Danny and changed the main event tag match to a 5-on-2 handicap match with no DQ's. Scott Miller def Gilbert Burrell by DQ, Ricardo Alvaro def Bobby Myers and Slavo Tankos in a 3-WAY, Goldpack (by himself) def Darkside & Mark Grazoff to retain the Tag Team titles, Matthew Sinclair & Daryl Jolson def Darren Barr & Russell Plant, Burgerman & Danny (amazingly) def Formula & Sting Stire & & Naught The Bracegirdle Brothers (Billie & Johnnie) in a 5-on-2 Handicap match (Richie Bracegirdle and President Barry Arslan also came out to attack Burgerman & Danny so it was basically a 7-on-2 but Dean "Nytemare" Saliba turned up with Riviera, David Miller and the Asian Sensation - who were all fired last week - and attacked everybody. Danny scored the pinfall over Formula.)

  • January 22, 2006--WEWF - Rumble in London before 450 fans: Joe Reichardt def Night Train, Valhalla def The Comante Brothers (KZMC & Hagi), President Barry Arslan came out and temporarily re-instated Riviera & David Miller, Jamezon & Scott Miller def The Goldpack to win the Tag Team titles but Goldpack KO'ed Scott Miller (legit) and stole his belt. (Note: during the commotion Sting Stire and Goldpack confronted each other in what looked to be a legitimate fight, they were separated by Dean Saliba & others). Sting Stire def Russell Plant to retain the Europa title, Dean Saliba def Naught for the British title after interference by Burgerman. Danny def Formula, Riviera & Burgerman & David Miller def The Bracegirdle Brothers (Billie & Richie & Johnnie).

  • January 29, 2006--WEWF - Rumble in London at The Canal Club in front of 440 fans: Moynul & Monzul & Abdul Hye def Gilbert Burrell & Bobby Myers & Harpreet Singh, Riviera won the 24-Man Rumble-style Elimination match to win the World title (Order of Elimination -- Entry # in brackets) Ricardo Alvaro (2) by David Miller, Mark Grazoff (1) by Jamezon, Jamezon (3) by Burgerman, Night Train (6) by Burgerman, Billie Bracegirdle (9) by Sting Stire, Slavo Tankos (8) by Formula, Scott Miller (12) by KZMC, KZMC (13) by David Miller, Hagi (17) by Formula, Goldpack (14) by Riviera & Matthew Sinclair, David Miller (4) by Electro, Electro (18) by Burgerman, Dean Saliba (19) by Formula, Asian Sensation (10) by Sting Stire, Russell Plant (20) by Burgerman, Sting Stire (7) by Naught, Naught (24) by everybody, Darren Barr (22) by Riviera, Matthew Sinclair (16, Champion) by Formula & Burgerman, Burgerman (5) by Formula, Danny (23) by Daryl Jolson, Daryl Jolson (21) by Formula, Formula (11) by Riviera (15).

  • February 12, 2006--WEWF in West London in front of 240 fans: A.J. Newson & Joe Reichardt def Daniel Anthony & Khaled Daniels, Billie & Johnnie Bracegirdle def Valhalla and Comante Brothers and Goldpack in a 4-WAY to become the #1 Contenders. Ricardo Alvaro def Harpreet Singh, Michael Traction (Darren Barr dressed as Michael Jackson) came out and ridiculed Elvis Parsley (Matthew Sinclair). *note: hilarious!* Matthew Sinclair def Darren Barr, Dean Saliba def Sting Stire in a "Gold vs.Gold" match to win both the Europa and British titles; Daryl Jolson def Danny, Formula & Burgerman def David Miller & Riviera.

  • February 19, 2006--WEWF in East London in front of 300+ fans: Joe Reichardt def Khaled Daniels by DQ, AJ Newson def Slavo Tankos, Ricardo Alvaro & Harpreet Singh def The Comante Brothers KZMC & Hagi, Darren Barr def Matthew Sinclair, Billie & Johnnie Bracegirdle def Jamezon & Scott Miller in 2/3 Falls match to win the Tag Team titles. Daryl Jolson def Danny and Dean "Nytemare" Saliba in a triple threat to win the British Title, David Miller def Burgerman, Riviera vs. Formula ended in a double count-out.

  • March 19, 2006--WEWF - The Great Great British Bash from Canal Club, East London in front of 500 fans: Abdul Hye def The Wierd, Night Train & "6-Pack" Alex Jones def The Comante Brothers (KZMC & Hagi), "Def Metal" Mark Grazoff def Scott Miller, "Losers quit WEWF" 6-Man Tag Match: The Alliance (Joe Reichardt, Ricardo Alvaro & Harpreet Singh) def AJ Newson, Daniel Anthony and Khaled Daniels, The Asian Sensation won a 4-WAY over Gilbert Burrell, Dean "Nytemare" Saliba and Electro for the Europa Title, Sting Stire def Russell Plant, Darren Barr def Daryl Jolson for the British Title, Billie & Johnnie Bracegirdle def Goldpack & Matthew Sinclair for the Tag Team Titles (*note - Richie Bracegirdle came down and distracted the referee on 2 occasions where Goldpack & Sinclair scored a pinfall) Danny def Naught in a streetfight, David Miller def Formula by submission, Riviera def Burgerman in a ladder match to retain the World Title..

  • March 26, 2006--WEWF from Devonshire Hall, North London in front of 220 fans: Sting Stire def Electro, Night Train & "6 Pack" Alex Jones def Joe Reichardt & Harpreet Singh, Burgerman def Gilbert Burrell, Richie Bracegirdle def Goldpack by DQ, Daryl Jolson & Matthew Sinclair def Johnnie Bracegirdle & Naught, Billie Bracegirdle def Russell Plant, Danny won a 3-WAY over The Asian Sensation & David Miller.

  • April 2, 2006--WEWF in North East London from Kurdish Centre & Social Club: Habstein vs. Dylan Wainwright ended in a double count-out, Slavo Tankos def Electro, Darren Barr def Sting Stire to retain British Title, Battle Royal: (2 Winners get a tag title shot): Eliminations: Harpreet Singh by Dean "Nytemare" Saliba, Dean "Nytemare" Saliba by Ricardo Alvaro, Night Train by Joe Reichardt, Ricardo Alvaro by "6 Pack" Alex Jones, Gilbert Burrell by Goldpack, Joe Reichardt by Jamezon, "Def Metal" Mark Grazoff by Goldpack, "6 Pack" Alex Jones by Goldpack, Goldpack by Scott Miller, Jamezon by The Wierd. The Wierd & Scott Miller def Billie & Johnnie Bracegirdle for the Tag Team Titles when interference by Richie Bracegirdle backfired; Naught def Russell Plant, Burgerman won a 3-WAY over Formula and David Miller, Danny def Riviera in a cage match to win the world title (*Riviera irish whipped Danny into the cage and it fell apart).

  • April 16, 2006--WEWF from Canal Club in front of 280 fans: Dylan Wainwright def Ricardo Alvaro, Habstein def Tom Morley, Joe Reichardt & Harpreet Singh def "6 Pack" Alex Jones and Night Train, BONUS MATCH: Dean "Nytemare" Saliba def Larry Saliba. Burgerman def Sting Stire, Darren Barr def Matthew Sinclair to retain the British Title in a "Canal Club Chaos" match (winner is the first wrestler to throw his opponent into the canal), Formula def Russell Plant, David Miller def Riviera w/ Danny as the special guest referee.

  • April 23, 2006--WEWF Golgotha from Dial Square Centre in London, UK: Habstein def Dylan Wainwright, The Wierd & Scott Miller def The Comante Brothers to retain the Tag Team titles, Asian Sensation no-showed for Europa Title def ense and was stripped of the title, however WEWF President Barry Arslan came out and made challenger Russell Plant face a mystery opponent for the title. Mark Grazoff def "6 Pack" Alex Jones, "Mystery Fighter" def Russell Plant for the Europa Title - note: It was somebody in a mask (Either Billie or Johnnie Bracegirdle) who beat up Russell Plant but they pulled a switcheroo and Barry Arslan (also dressed in a mask) unmasked himself as the new Europa Champion, afterwards both Billie and Johnnie Bracegirdle came down to the ring and celebrated with him.: 4-WAY Ladder Match for the British Title: Daryl Jolson def Darren Barr (champion), Dean Saliba and Sting Stire. Riviera def Naught, 4-WAY 30 Minute King of the World Match: Danny pinned David Miller at 1.34, David Miller pinned Danny at 13.22, Formula pinned David Miller at 24.55, David Miller pinned Formula at 27.35, Formula made David Miller tap out at 27.50, Burgerman pinned Formula at 29.40 to win the World Title.

  • May 19, 2006--WEWF (On Tour) in Tipperary, Ireland before 60 fans: Dean "Nytemare" Saliba def Night Train, Daryl Jolson def Matthew Sinclair, Riviera def Formula in a No.1 Contender's match (2 out of 3 Falls); Burgerman, Sting Stire & The Asian Sensation def David Miller, Goldpack & Jamezon.

  • May 28, 2006--WEWF (On Tour) in Skibbereen, Ireland in front of 300 fans: Danny def "6 Pack" Alex Jones, Jamezon & Goldpack def Scott Miller & The Wierd for the Tag Team Titles, Dylan Wainwright def Ricardo Alvaro, Darren Barr, Daryl Jolson & Dean "Nytemare" Saliba def Matthew Sinclair, Russell Plant and Sting Stire, Burgerman def "The Irish Formula" in a non-title match. *Riviera was the special guest referee.

  • May 31, 2006--WEWF (On Tour) in Cork City, Ireland in front of 300 fans: British Title Tournament: The Asian Sensation def Sting Stire, Dean "Nytemare" Saliba def Gilbert Burrell, Matthew Sinclair def Darren Barr, Russell Plant def Naught by DQ. President Barry Arslan def Joe Reichardt to retain the Europa Title (with some help from the Bracegirdle Brothers); Tournament Semis: Dean "Nytemare" Saliba def The Asian Sensation, Matthew Sinclair recieved a bye because Russell Plant was too injured to compete after the beating by Naught. Danny def David Miller in a Last Man Standing match, Dean "Nytemare" Saliba def Matthew Sinclair in tournament final. Daryl Jolson came out and attacked Dean Saliba with a hurling stick. "The Irish Formula" def Riviera in a no-holds barred match, Dean "Nytemare" Saliba pulled off an amazing comeback to beat Daryl Jolson for the British Title. (note: It was referred to as the "British Isles" title so as not to upset some of the fans.)

  • June 10, 2006--WEWF (On Tour) in Dublin, Ireland in front of 500+ fans: Asian Sensation def President Barry Arslan in a Cage match to win the Europa title, The Bracegirdle Brothers def Jamezon & Goldpack to win the Tag Team titles, Naught def Scott Miller & The Wierd in a Handicap match, Matthew Sinclair def Abdul Hye in an unscheduled Hardcore match in the bar area, (note: Matthew Sinclair pulled out of the subsequent British Isles title match due to injury) - Dean "Nytemare" Saliba def Gilbert Burrell and Sting Stire and Darren Barr and Daryl Jolson and Alex Jones and Russell Plant and Dylan Wainwright (sub for Matthew Sinclair) in an 8-MAN Ladder match to retain the British Isles Title. (note: The belt was not properly attached and fell down halfway through the match!!! - Hilarious!! Gilbert Burrell picked up the belt first and started to celebrate his "Victory" but the Referee ordered the match to be restarted. Cue overweight technician up a ladder with a roll of tape!!) - Danny def Richie Bracegirdle, Burgerman def David Miller, Riviera and The Irish Formula in a dumpster match to win the World Title!!

  • June 18, 2006--WEWF Homecoming in from The Canal Club in East London in front of 261 fans: Naught (Now known as Vanguard) and Harpreet Singh won a Battle Royal to get a tag title shot. (Sting Stire by Dylan Wainwright, Dylan Wainwright by Sting Stire, Scott Miller by Goldpack, The Wierd by Goldpack, Ricardo Alvaro by Vanguard, Electro by Joe Reichardt, Joe Reichardt by Harpreet Singh, Richie Bracegirdle by Habstein, "The Swedish Warrior" Anders Martinpelto by "6 Pack" Alex Jones, Alex Jones by Habstein, Jamezon by Vanguard, Goldpack by Vanguard, Night Train by Vanguard, Habstein by Harpreet Singh. The Bracegirdle Brothers def Vanguard & Harpreet Singh in subsequent title match. (note: The match was over before it began. Harpreet Singh started to chant in punjabi as a kind of pre-match ritual he often uses as part of his gimmick, however Johnnie Bracegirdle surprised him with a small package to score the win.) Matthew Sinclair and Daryl Jolson def Russell Plant and Darren Barr. Burgerman def Danny, David Miller def Riviera.