Uncensored 1997
March 16, 1997 - North Charleston Coliseum - North Charleston, South Carolina

  1. OPENING MATCH: Dean Malenko def Eddie Guerrero..

  2. MATCH: Ultimo Dragon def Psicosis..

  3. MATCH: Glacier def Mortis..

  4. MATCH: Marcus Bagwell def Scotty Riggs..

  5. TEXAS TORNADO MATCH: Harlem Heat def Public Enemy..

  6. TV TITLE MATCH: Prince Iaukea def Rey Mysterio Jr. to retain..

  7. TRIANGLE ELIMINATION MATCH: Team nWo def Team WCW and Team Piper..
    • Team nWo = Hulk Hogan & Kevin Nash & Scott Hall & Randy Savage..
    • Team Piper = Roddy Piper & Chris Benoit & Steve McMichael & Jeff Jarrett..
    • Team WCW = Lex Luger & The Giant & Scott Steiner..
    • ~~~Hollywood Hogan was the sole survivor at the end of the match..

  8. FADE TO BLACK....

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