Uncensored 1995
March 19, 1995 - Tupelo Coliseum - Tupelo, Mississippi

  1. KING OF THE ROAD MATCH: The Blacktop Bully def Dustin Rhodes in a King of the Road Match

  2. MARTIAL ARTS MATCH: Meng def Jim Duggan..

  3. BOXER VS WRESTLER MATCH: Johnny B. Badd def Arn Anderson by knockout in 4 rounds..

  4. MATCH: Randy Savage def Avalanche by Disqualification..
    • Ric Flair came out of the crowd dressed as a Woman and attacked Randy Savage..

  5. MATCH: Big Bubba Rogers def Sting..

  6. TEXAS TORNADO MATCH: The Nasty Boys def Harlem Heat..

  7. WORLD TITLE STRAP MATCH: Hulk Hogan def Big Van Vader w/Ric Flair..
    • Ric Flair interfered and Hogan actually dragged Flair to all four corners to win the match..

  8. FADE TO BLACK....

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