Superbrawl IV
February 20, 1994 - Civic Center - Albany, Georgia

  1. TAG MATCH: Harlem Heat def Thunder & Lightning..

  2. MATCH: Jim Steele def The Equalizer

  3. MATCH: Terry Taylor def Diamond Dallas Page

  4. MATCH: Johnny B. Badd def Jimmy Garvin

  5. TV TITLE MATCH: Lord Steven Regal def Arn Anderson

  6. TAG TITLE MATCH: Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne def The Nasty Boys (Champions) by DQ..

  7. THUNDERDOME CAGE: Sting & Brian Pillman & Dustin Rhodes def Rick Rude & Steve Austin & Paul Orndorff..

  8. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Ric Flair def Big Van Vader in a Thunder Cage Match
  9. FADE TO BLACK....

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