WCW Starrcade 1992
"BattleBowl/The Lethal Lottery"

December 28, 1992 - The Omni - Atlanta, Georgia

  1. NON-TELEVISED MATCH: Brad Armstrong pinned Shanghai Pierce
    • Van Hammer & Danny Spivey def Johnny B Badd & Cactus Jack..
    • Big Van Vader & Dustin Rhodes def Kensuke Sasaki & The Barbarian..
    • The Great Muta & Barry Windham def Brian Pillman & Too Cold Scorpio..
    • Steve Williams & Sting def Jushin Liger & Erik Watts..

  3. TAG TITLE MATCH: Shane Douglas & Ricky Steamboat def Barry Windham & Brian Pillman to retain

  4. KING OF CABLE TOURNAMENT FINAL: Sting def Big Van Vader to win the Tournament!

  5. WCW WORLD TITLE MATCH: Ron Simmons def Steve Williams by Disqualification to retain..

  6. NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Masahiro Chono def The Great Muta by Submission to retain..
  7. BATTLE BOWL FINALS: The Great Muta won a "battle royal"..
    • Participants: Van Hammer, Danny Spivey, Big Van Vder, Dustin Rhodes, Barry Windham, Steve Williams & Sting..

  8. FADE TO BLACK....

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