Souled Out 2000
January 16, 2000 - First Star Center - Cincinatti, Ohio

  1. DARK MATCH: Billy Kidman def Dean Malenko..

  2. TRIANGLE MATCH: Vampiro def David Flair and Crowbar..

  3. TAG MATCH: Big Vito & Johnny the Bull def The Harris Brothers..

  4. CW TITLE MATCH: Oklahoma (Ed Ferarra) def Madusa to win the title!

  5. HARDCORE TITLE 4-WAY: Brian Knobbs def "Screamin'" Norman Smiley and Fit Finlay and Meng to retain..

  6. BUNKHOUSE BRAWL: Billy Kidman def Perry Saturn..

  7. MATCH: Booker T def Stevie Ray..

  8. SHOOT FIGHT: Tank Abbott def Jerry Flynn..

  9. LAST MAN STANDING: Buff Bagwell def Diamond Dallas Page..

  10. STEEL CAGE MATCH: The Wall def Billy Kidman..

  11. COMMISSIONERS MATCH: Kevin Nash def Terry Funk to become the WCW Commissioner..

  12. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Chris Benoit def Sid Vicious to capture the vacant WCW title!
    • Bret Hart was WCW Champion and scheduled to face Sid Vicious, but he suffered a career ending head injury..
    • After this show, Chris Benoit (with Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko & Saturn) packed their bags and jumped to WWF..

  13. FADE TO BLACK....

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