Slamboree 1993
May 23, 1993 - The Omni - Atlanta, GA

  1. TAG MATCH: Too Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell def Bobby Eaton & Chris Benoit..

  2. MATCH: Sid Vicious def Van Hammer in 35 seconds..

  3. LEGENDS: Jimmy Snuka/Don Muraco/Dick Murdoch vs Blackjack Mulligan/Wahoo McDaniel/Jim Brunzel (NO CONTEST)..

  4. LEGENDS MATCH: Thunderbolt Patterson & Brad Armstrong def Ivan Koloff & Baron Von Raschke..

  5. LEGENDS MATCH: Dory Funk Jr. vs Nick Bockwinkel ended in a TIME LIMIT DRAW..

  6. TAG MATCH: Paul Orndorff & Rick Rude def Dustin Rhodes & Kensuke Sasaki..

  7. BOUNTY MATCH: Sting def The Prisoner (aka Nailz in WWF)..

  8. TAG TITLE CAGE MATCH: The Hollywood Blonds (Austin & Pillman) def Dos Hombres (Steamboat & Zenk)..
    • Shane Douglas had threatened to pull out, as a renegotating tactic, but WCW officials decided to let him go..
    • The Hollywood Blondes were refusing to give Rick Steamboat and Shane Douglas their rematch for the Tag titles..
    • The Hollywood Blondes were forced to def end against a 'new' masked team known as "Dos Hombres"..
    • Fans were led to believe that it was Steamboat & Douglas under the masks, but it was actually Tom Zenk..
    • During the weeks leading up to the PPV, Brad Armstong was under the mask instead of Tom Zenk..

  9. NWA TITLE MATCH: Barry Windham def Arn Anderson to retain..

  10. WCW TITLE MATCH: The British Bulldog def Big Van Vader by Disqualification (Vader retains)..
  11. FADE TO BLACK....

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