WCW Halloween Havoc 1992:
"Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal"

October 25, 1992 - Civic Center - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  1. NON-TELEVISED MATCH: Erik Watts & Van Hammer def Vegas Connection (Vinnie Vegas & DDP)..

  2. 6-MAN TAG: Tom Zenk/Johnny Gunn/Shane Douglas def Arn Anderson/Michael Hayes/Bobby Eaton..

  3. SPECIAL CHALLENGE MATCH: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat def "Flyin" Brian Pillman..

  4. MATCH: Big Van Vader def Nikita Koloff..
    • Big Van Vader was def ending the United States Heavyweight title in place of Ravishing Rick Rude..

  5. NWA/WCW TAG TITLE MATCH: Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes vs Steve Williams & Steve Austin (c) was a draw..
    • Steve Austin was a replacement for Terry Gordy who was suspended from WCW by "Cowboy" Bill Watts..

  6. NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Rick Rude w/Madusa def Masahiro Chono w/Hiro Matsuda by DQ (Chono retains)..
    • Harley Race (chosen by Rick Rude) and Kensuki Sasake (chosen by Masahiro Chono) were guest referees..
    • Both referees got knocked out at ringside and Rick Rick hit his finisher but there was no ref to count!
    • Masahiro Chono locked in the STF and Kensuki Sasake jumped in an called for the bell and raised Chono's arm!
    • Harley Race jumped in and reversed the decision and DQed Masa Chono for throwing Rude over the top rope!
    • Kensuki Sasake attacked Rick Rude & Harley Race after the match!

  7. WCW WORLD TITLE MATCH: Ron Simmons w/Teddy Long def The Barbarian w/Cactus Jack to retain..
    • The story here is that The Barbarian has been going through "unorthadox" training with Cactus Jack..

  8. SPIN THE WHEEL MAKE A DEAL MATCH (Coal Miner's Glove Match): Sting def Jake Roberts..
    • As Sting was climbing up the pole, Cactus Jack ran out with a bag and a snake handlers glove..
    • Jake Roberts pulled out a cobra snake, it ended up biting HIM on the face and Sting pinned him!

  9. FADE TO BLACK....

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