Great American Bash 1989
July 23, 1989 - Baltimore Arena - Baltimore, MD

  1. KING OF THE RING BATTLE ROYAL #1: Won by Sid Vicious (eliminating Brian Pillman)..

  2. KING OF THE RING BATTLE ROYAL #2: Won by Dan Spivey (eliminating Steve William)..

  3. MATCH: Brian Pillman def Bill Irwin..

  4. TAG MATCH: The Skyscrapers def The Dynamic Dudes (Shane Douglas & Johnny Ace)..

  5. TUXEDO MATCH: Jim Cornette def Paul E. Dangerously..

  6. TEXAS TORNADO MATCH: The Steiner Brothers def Kevin Sullivan & Mike Rotundo..

  7. TV TITLE MATCH: Sting vs The Great Muta ended in a NO CONTEST..

  8. US TITLE MATCH: Lex Luger def Ricky Steamboat by Disqualification to retain..

  9. WAR GAMES: Steve Williams' Team def The SST & Freebirds..
    • Team #1: Steve Williams, The Road Warriors, & The Midnight Express..
    • Team #2: The Samoan Swat Team & The Freebirds..

  10. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Ric Flair def Terry Funk to retain..
  11. FADE TO BLACK....

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